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Outfront Magazine is the editorial arm of Keller Williams committed to bringing you an in-depth look at the businesses, lives and success strategies of our top agents from around the world. In this issue, you will meet agents who have leveraged setbacks – both personal and professional – to drive them to all new heights.


Every day, top-tier agents are turning heads as they make the move to Keller Williams. Here’s a look at a few who are now proud to call KW home!

Meet the Head-Turners

Sara McCarthy & Julie Dorger

Chicago, Ill.

Mary Gilbert

Roseburg, Ore.

Chris Knighton

Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Jeffrey Johnson

Colorado Springs, Colo.

From the Desk of John Davis

John Davis on stage in front of a KW sign

At its heart, Keller Williams is a company of growth – growth of our people’s businesses, mindset and abundance. The journey of personal and professional growth is not always clear-cut – hurdles may pop up and, yes, we may stumble or even fail. We grow by learning from those who have gone before and from the obstacles we encounter along the way. Success doesn’t mean never failing – it means picking yourself back up after a failure and soldiering on with a new perspective and just as much energy and enthusiasm as before.

Within every failure and challenge lies opportunity. When, shortly after Gary Keller co-founded Keller Williams, 10 of our top agents packed up and left to join a competing brokerage, Gary convened the first Associate Leadership Council (ALC) and reinvented the company. In 2011, after going backward in agent count and profitability, we launched the Growth Initiative and started down a historic path to unprecedented prosperity for our people. And now, recognizing that technology is rewriting the rules of our industry, Keller Williams formed Labs to ideate, test and develop the next generation of real estate technology, side by side with our agents. In this issue, we highlight failures together with subsequent successes. You will meet agents who have leveraged setbacks – both personal and professional – to drive them to all new heights. And, you’ll find practical turnaround strategies to power through any obstacle toward the big business – and big life – you’ve always imagined.

John Davis

President & CEO