Nagi Manpreet

June 11, 2021

Nagi Manpreet

As a top agent bringing in more than $37M in annual production, Nagi Manpreet (who serves her clients under the #Nagi moniker on social media) isn’t afraid to make a big change if it means moving her business forward and better serving her clients. “I am not shy to change for the goal of betterment,” the 18-plus-year industry veteran offers. In deciding to invest into the future of her career at Keller Williams, Nagi was motivated by four key factors: an agent culture of sharing and connecting, technology, support, and team effort. 

When Nagi and market center team leader Michele Zaragoza initially connected to discuss an opportunity for partnership, Nagi was impressed with the company’s warm culture of teamwork and giving, but felt too busy with the day-to-day hustle of being a top producer. But, once she committed to the transition, she couldn’t believe the company’s commitment to making the move swift and seamless. “Transitions are never easy, but Keller Williams made it so smooth and in less than three days, everything was ready for me to access,” she shares. “Change is never easy, but it is important. If you see that change can fuel your growth, I encourage everyone: get out of your comfort zone; get out of your cocoon and grow.”

Nagi has connected with more agents in the few weeks she’s been with the company than she has in the last five years. She is excited for this next chapter and the support she is getting from her colleagues has been such an encouragement to her. “The way agents are sharing their knowledge, strategies, and best practices is already helping me improve the way I work. These conversations are opening up my thought processes and helping me see different ways to achieve my goals. I was stuck in a buying/selling-buying/selling cycle, but agents are expanding my thinking to include pre-foreclosures and fixer-uppers as well,” she explains.

Part of that new thinking includes extensive use of Keller Williams’ user-friendly technology. Nagi loves how the company invests so much time, money, and energy into ensuring agents know what the tech can do for them and how to use it well. “I like how Keller Williams has connected Command with Facebook lead generation. I’ve wrestled with all of that on my own through the years and I was always getting stuck on the same problems. When I managed to get an ad seen, it cost a lot of effort and money. With Command, it’s costing me less money and I’m getting much more exposure.”

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But more than the tech, tools, and systems, for the first time ever, Nagi feels something she’s never experienced before – a strong sense of camaraderie. “I feel connected. I’m part of a family now. I’m home.”  

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