Six High-Converting Facebook Ads You Should Be Running Right Now

Ada Ciuca| August 11, 2020

While it is exciting to get creative and try new forms of lead gen, some tried-and-true strategies, like launching internet ads to generate leads at a low cost, are the gift that keeps on giving. 

Still standing as the largest worldwide social media channel, Facebook offers a valuable opportunity to find the most motivated buyers through its ads tool, which allows for targeting based on individual interests. Keller Williams agents also have the option of running Facebook ads directly through Campaigns – a one-stop shop for capturing qualified leads. In Q2 of 2020, the average cost-per-lead for KW agents inside Command was $1.77 in the U.S. and Canada across social media platforms. For Facebook in particular, it was $1.71 per lead. 

Whether you are using the platform directly or running ads through Campaigns as a Keller Williams agent, here are six high-converting ads to inspire your next campaign – courtesy of three top agents in the field. 

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EZ Sales Team

Purpose: The purpose was to market this luxury, $2.5M home, showcase the tremendous value that Cleveland, Ohio has in terms of home selection and affordable pricing, and knock the sellers’ socks off. This home had previously been on the market without receiving widespread interest.

Stats: The ad was run both locally and in Los Angeles, California, at a total cost of $25 (a cost-per-lead of 68 cents). In total, the ad garnered 2360 impressions and 321 clicks.

Leads received: The ad generated 37 leads.

Why this ad was a success: The clear ad copy with beautiful photos, specific target interests aimed at higher priced buyers, and a buyer ready to buy with a pre-approval for $450,000 which will turn into a $12,000 commission make this ad a success across the board.

Pollock Properties Group

Purpose: This ad was used at the beginning of quarantine as a means of getting potential clients to sign up for virtual open houses. “We decided to run multiple ads – one for each agent that ran an open house,” says Pollock Properties Group CEO Vanessa Pollock. “This allowed different people to register for different dates and times, essentially giving everyone that saw the ad multiple options to register for the open house.” 

Stats: The longest-running ad as part of this campaign ran for five days, with a total of $50 spent. That length yielded 6,379 impressions, 681 clicks, and 59 follows through the landing page, which contained the virtual open house registration link. The shortest-running ad was one day, with $25 spent. This brought in 2,483 views, 356 clicks, and 13 follow-throughs to the landing registration page. The rest of the ads within the campaign received around 3,000 impressions while running for two to three days. In total, $185 was spent between the five ads. 

Leads received: Five buyer leads in the $800K to $950K price range currently working with the team (a potential $106,250 in GCI!)

Why this ad was a success: Firstly, it allowed the team to show off this home while maintaining safety procedures, giving the team a marketing advantage while their state (New Jersey) had banned public open houses. The seller received 11 offers on this home. It also showcased the fact that the team was serious about doing business during this time. Overall, the Pollock Properties Group has listed 28 homes since March. “This campaign proved to our community that we were the go-to listing team during this challenging season,” Pollock says. In addition, the team was able to track the most popular virtual open house dates and times for their clients due to the nature of the campaign. 

Keller Williams Realty Maui

Purpose: This area contained very few available listings, but agent Daniel Rude promoted this particular one because it had nine units. Since the team was experimenting with ads at the time, they took a chance on this property, although Rude admits: “The photos on this property were some of the worst I have seen on a listing. I put them up anyway in order to see how important photos are in the process.” 

Stats: The ad ran seven times over a two-month span. It garnered a total of 15,228 impressions and 2,001 clicks, for a total spend of $115.17. 

Leads received: A total of 174 leads received, with a cost per lead of $0.66. 

Why this ad was a success: Because the audience found the written text to be appealing, the photos did not negatively impact the ad. Oftentimes, the cost of homes in Hawaii is too much for many to afford, but the opportunity to live in one unit while renting others proved to be intriguing to many, building the ad’s success.

Purpose: With this ad, the team intended to create opportunities for buyers on the West Coast looking for a second home or vacation rental investment. “The process is rather unique for us here in Maui since a large number of our buyers do not live on the island,” Rude says. “Therefore, I have been targeting strategic locations on the West Coast where we see most of the traffic and potential buyers coming from. Early on, I had a soft conclusion that the two most important pieces of the equation were beautiful ocean-view photos and specific locations.” Although the photo was not high resolution, it showed the closeness of the ocean which was a big selling point. 

Stats: This ad was run four times over a two-month period. It produced a total of 7,520 impressions and 684 clicks. The total spend was $78.42.

Leads received: This ad produced 111 leads at a cost of $0.71 per lead.

Why this ad was a success: Despite the photo quality, Rude believes that this ad has proven to be successful due to people’s ability to picture themselves there, taking in the view. “They explored the ‘What if?’ that was swirling in their minds,” he says. Between these two ads, Keller Williams Realty Maui’s recipe for success is as follows:

  • Ads that highlight the amazing views and locations of these properties.
  • Ads that reveal financial opportunity, such as rental potential, multiple units, or properties that can be subdivided into multiple lots.

Jungles Group

Purpose: The purpose of this ad was to highlight a custom home builder that the team works closely with. 

Stats: The team ran this ad for five days with a $25 budget. It resulted in 1,402 impressions and 56 clicks.

Leads received: The ad generated 10 leads.

Why this ad was a success: One of the leads generated is currently working with the builder, pending a sale with a GCI of $31,875. For an investment of $25, the ROI is great. 

Purpose: This ad was focused on selling remaining new custom builds in a pool community within the southern part of town. 

Stats: The ad ran for five days with a $25 budget. It led to 1,483 impressions and 126 clicks.

Leads received: The ad generated 23 leads.

Why this ad was a success: While most of the leads received were not looking to purchase at this price point, the ad resulted in pre-approvals and new home searches for buyers. 

The team’s overall strategy with ads is very consistent, according to Jungles Group Realtor Kristen Jungles. “We allocate $400 each month to Facebook ad campaigns. We run four ads each week at $25 per ad. Two of our ads will focus on a listing, one ad will focus on some feature specific to KW (Keller Mortgage, KW App, etc.), and one ad each week is for careers for Realtors (some run locally, but also partnering with leadership at profitable KW offices to run recruiting ads in their markets as well.)”


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