Campaigns: Real Estate Marketing Made Easy

January 14, 2020

The marketing tool the industry has been missing is now hard at work. Introducing the new and improved Campaigns: a one-stop shop for creating impactful marketing materials, capturing qualified leads, and converting them into lifelong clients. As a powerful feature of Command – Keller Williams’ centralized, cloud-based business management platform empowering 180,000+ associates to build their real estate empires – Campaigns works in lockstep with Contacts, SmartPlans, Designs, Listings, and other vital applications agents need to run their businesses such as Quick Posts, which allows agents to quickly create social posts and images promoting their businesses. Best of all, it’s already generating REAL results for agents companywide.

Create Multi-Channel Marketing Materials

When Jason White transitioned from a supervisor at a Fortune 200 company to a career in real estate in December of 2018, he decided to join Keller Williams for two reasons: technology and training. After mastering the entire Command platform, including Campaigns, Jason went on to generate $4.5 million in volume in his first year. “I knew tech would play a big part in moving my business forward and I latched onto KW’s solutions as soon as I came over,” he recalls. “Before I knew it, I was a Command ambassador, teaching courses to agents all over Michigan.”   

Like many KW agents, Jason uses Campaigns to capture leads through various advertising mediums including social ads, search ads, direct mail, eblasts, and even organic social posts. In several clicks, Jason can produce professional-grade marketing materials to advertise properties, raise brand awareness, promote an event, and more – thanks to the integration between Campaigns, Designs, and many other crucial Command applications. “I’m a firm believer in putting together a short and captivating communication,” Jason explains. By combining high-quality photography and video, succinct messages, and a tasteful amount of emojis, he managed to capture 54 leads in just 10 days. “Campaigns shows immediate results. By investing $30 in a 10-day Facebook ad,  I added over 50 individuals to my pipeline that I can contact and communicate with at a moment’s notice. That’s gold! You don’t get that anywhere else.”

Capture Leads With Ease

When it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of advertising spends, Jason White isn’t alone. Campaigns also helped Josh Bickle, a four-year Keller Williams veteran and founder of Bickle Brand Homes Team in Whitby, Ontario, grow his leads list without increasing his marketing budget. “Coming from a marketing background, I was pretty comfortable with Facebook. I would invest $400 to $500 a month and generate 30-40 leads,” Josh remembers. “With Campaigns, I turn $200 into 150-200 leads per month. No other lead-gen platform comes close.”

“Campaigns shows immediate results. By investing $30 in a 10-day Facebook ad,  I added over 50 individuals to my pipeline that I can contact and communicate with at a moment’s notice.”

Jason White

The genius behind Campaigns’ unparalleled lead generation is twofold: accurate targeting and seamless integration. Let’s say an agent is trying to sell a lovely two-story contemporary with a spacious backyard and an inground pool. With Campaigns, they can post that listing to Facebook and Instagram and target anyone in their area who enjoys swimming, sunbathing, or Frank Gehry. From there, agents can link their paid social post to a custom Command landing page with a clearly displayed lead-gen form. Once the user fills out all of the information fields and clicks submit, they will be instantly added to the agent’s Contacts list, cutting out the need for spreadsheets and manual data entry. “The best thing about custom landing pages is I know exactly when a new lead completes a new form,” Josh claims. “If they click submit at 9:15 a.m., I’m notified at 9:15 a.m. Then I just add them to a SmartPlan and follow up as soon as possible with whatever information they request.”

In an exciting update, you can now create and send emails directly in Command. The new email editor is as easy as a drag, a drop, and a click. You will have the ability to choose from carefully created templates, or you can easily create your own. All of your listing data will be accessible from a click of a button, and will be seamlessly integrated into your email design. You can easily preview and test your email as well.

Convert Contacts into Valuable Commissions

Campaigns makes transitioning leads into lifelong contacts as efficient and cost-effective as possible, saving agents valuable time and resources while bringing their tech costs down to nearly zero. Haro Setian, leader of the Greenville, South Carolina, market center, expects those savings to be sizable – to the tune of $50,000 to $70,000 a year. “Command will help us combine four current systems into one,” says Haro, who also leads the No.1 real estate team in Upstate S.C. “This frees us from mindless manual work and allows us to deepen our knowledge of local neighborhoods and the real estate product itself, rather than being transactional experts.”

The genius behind Campaigns’ unparalleled lead generation is twofold: accurate targeting and seamless integration.

While Haro and his team master their local market, other agents find themselves lost in a web of disparate products. “As we grow in knowledge in those realms, we will stand out from our competitors who are forced to navigate multiple systems that don’t talk to each other and spend precious time on tasks that could be automated,” Haro says.

In real estate, every edge counts, and no marketing platform gives agents a greater competitive advantage than Command and Campaigns. It’s innovations like this that have made Haro Setian a fierce Keller Williams advocate for more than a decade. Or, as he puts it, “The career worth having and the business worth owning just got even better.”

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