It’s Time to Take Command

Deborah Lynn Blumberg| February 16, 2019

For Ty Voyles and his 23-member team in the Washington Capitol Hill (D.C.) market center, emailing clients a monthly newsletter inevitably ends in frustration.

To send their newsletter to their database, they use an application programming interface (API) to link their email platform to their customer relationship management (CRM) software. But they’ve found the technology is clunky. For the newsletter to arrive in a client’s inbox from an individual agent’s email address, Voyles’ marketing director has to manually create 23 different email campaigns. “You shouldn’t have to do that,” Voyles says. It’s an inefficient process, and the time could be better spent.

Since Voyles joined Keller Williams in 2012, he’s used a CRM to manage his contacts, share information with his team, and build referrals. But he’s consistently found the software cumbersome to navigate and difficult to integrate with other key tools. It’s also taken a toll on his pocketbook.

“Across the board, CRMs aren’t user-friendly and don’t do full lifecycle management and feature delivery,” says Voyles. “Or, they offer full lifecycle management and feature delivery but aren’t user-friendly and intuitive. The user interface and experience leave a lot to be desired.”

Voyles and his agents have a laundry list of tasks and functions they wish their CRM would accomplish: integrate with QuickBooks, for example, or allow them to easily set goals and track their progress. Voyles also struggles with cost. In one year, he spends nearly $40,000 on subscription fees for his CRM software. Buying into additional technology that would make integration with other software easier would double costs.

Working with fractured technology isn’t only frustrating, it also has serious business implications. Agents struggling with disjointed systems and tools are wasting valuable time they could be putting into growing their business and meaningfully connecting with clients.

What’s more, by using a CRM, Voyles and his agents are essentially handing over their most precious resource; their data; to a third party. And, that data is powering competitors’ technology. For Voyles and his team to compete in the real estate market of the future, he’s well aware that something has to change.

And it is.

Meet KWCommand

For the last two years, Keller Williams has been hard at work, developing technology that will streamline how agents do business and help them compete in today’s digital world. Command is a core part of Keller Williams’ transformation into a world-class technology company: one that has set out to disrupt and revolutionize real estate by reclaiming agents’ data and putting it back into their hands.

Simply put, Command is more than a CRM – it’s a platform that puts agents in control of their database, business and future. It is also a solution to the real estate industry’s most pressing problems:

  • Rising technology costs: Rising tech costs make it challenging to build a scalable, profitable real estate business. 
  • The solution: Command – and all KW technologies – are provided to associates at no additional cost.
  • Inefficient conversion: Traditional real estate technology is limited in how it uncovers potential clients in different stages of the real estate journey, leaving agents guessing who to contact and when.
  • The solution: Command identifies and prioritizes contacts within an agent’s database, so they can master follow-up and convert at a high level.
  • Improperly organized information: From listings to market data, real estate information is organized by ZIP code or arbitrary boundaries. The issue is, people search for real estate by neighborhoods.
  • The solution: Information in Command is organized organically by neighborhood. This allows agents to zero in on the communities they serve, providing information that their clients want so they can own the conversation.


A Simple Way to Have More Human Conversations

In a few easy clicks, agents can subscribe contacts in their database to neighborhoods they care about and create personalized landing pages. When a contact visits the landing page, Command notifies the agent that they are more likely and ready to connect about real estate.

“When we tested neighborhood data against ZIP code and MLS data with consumer databases, we saw a 400 percent increase in engagement and conversions,” said KW President Josh Team.

“Command offers a simple way for agents to have more human conversations with their database, not worrying about IDXs and MLSs.”

Josh Team, KW President

Learn more about launching neighborhood lead generation in Command. 

And, unlike KW’s competitors, who are partnering with tech companies to tweak existing technology for their agent base, Keller Williams has designed and developed Command in partnership with in-house technologists and their top agents and teams. It is simple, smart and human – crucial elements to ensure that agents are enabled by tech.

In an era of data powered by artificial intelligence, the tech-enabled agent recognizes that technology cannot replace them, but help them be more … more trusted, more present, more everything. Command offers agents access to a powerful, interconnected technology suite that helps them do just that.

Through Command, agents can optimize, manage and run their business with unprecedented simplicity while addressing needs that typical CRMs do not:

  • Personalized Marketing and Design
  • Pipeline Management
  • Listings Management
  • Workflow and Task Automation
  • Email Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Contact Management
  • Education and Training
  • Collaboration
  • Referrals
  • Chat

As the world’s largest company by agent count, KW, unlike its competitors, is ripe with a large dataset. It’s an advantage that’s fueled Command. The platform is fed by this wealth of data, seamlessly putting it to work for KW agents with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) which agents can tap into through Kelle – an AI-powered virtual assistant.

The proprietary platform creates more advantage for agents through real-time business insights visible in every function of Command. Armed with more, and better, information through Command, Keller Williams agents can go forth with a competitive edge that no other real estate company can match.

So what exactly can agents do in Command?

The short answer is – everything. Command features 11 unique business applications that allow agents to manage every aspect of their real estate business in one place:

On a given day, an agent will log into Command and be able to:

  • Track their pipeline from lead to close and see the road ahead with real-time revenue projections.
  • Save time and money by simplifying and automating background tasks.
  • Manage all of their listings in one place – from pre-listing to active, pending to sold.
  • Present customized, best-in-class listing consultations with real-time information
  • Fire off targeted emails and obtain a mile-high view of their campaign performance
  • Manage their database
  • Elevate and optimize their cross-channel advertising strategy
  • Collaborate in real-time with members of their team or market center
  • Create best-in-class marketing materials with a simple drag and drop
  • Follow up with leads that have funneled into their database through their custom site

For a full list of KW Command’s capabilities, click here

The Impact on Agents and Consumers

For agents like Voyles, life is simplified by having all these capabilities in one place. The possibilities are exciting … Voyles has been an active participant in the Labs program, and he’s seen firsthand just how effective Command can be.

“This is the most fun I’ve had in any career in 20 years. We’re moving incredibly fast and the results are tangible. I’m watching the product evolve on the timeline I’ve asked for and can see the impact it will have on my bottom line this year.”

Ty Voyles, Washington D.C.

More than anything, Command is the key to the end-to-end real estate experience consumers have been asking for – one that “doesn’t exist in our competitive space,” shares Honlia Hao, senior product manager of Consumer Initiative at Keller Williams. “I am passionate about building out a better buyer/seller experience, because as both, I know how frustrating the process is. The tools are all over the place and no one is providing a holistic consumer experience that solves for common pain points.”

Not anymore. All functions within Command will be tied to KW’s consumer app, allowing agents to guide eager consumers along the buy and sell journey through a single, uniform interface.

Once a consumer downloads the agent’s branded app and begins engaging with it– data is being captured, scored, and pumped into the Keller Cloud. At the same time, artificial intelligence is always on, mining the data for patterns to create meaningful insights. By the time an agent logs into Command, the technology has accurately assessed what the consumer wants and laid out the exact actions an agent should take to meet their needs.

Ultimately, Command will not just help agents run their businesses, but connect with their consumers in a more targeted and meaningful way, keeping agents at the heart of the transaction.

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