Electrify Your Client Relationships with Command

February 28, 2019

For many real estate agents, database management is challenging. Especially, with the host of communication mediums available to communicate with clients. Through the Contacts applet in Command, this challenge has diminished. Now, agents gain the ability to manage their most important asset seamlessly and foster deeper relationships with their sphere through the applications growing list of capabilities.

Add/update contacts with ease –  Gone are the days of sticky notes or fumbling for a pen on the road. Since Command is fully integrated across the Keller Cloud, agents can add or edit a contact in their database with a simple voice or text command into Kelle – their AI-powered virtual assistant. This simple, yet powerful feature, ensures that important details such as birthdays, professions, social accounts and more never get lost.

“When you spend five hours in your car taking appointments or fielding questions with clients and driving at the same time, it is always a challenge to remember notes, times, dates, et cetera,” Hurley says. “Now, I can ask Kelle to make a note in Command, and she does it. I don’t have to stop to pull over and record a note.”

Organize like never before – With customized tagging, groups and filters, Command makes it easy for agents to organize contacts and pull the right one up at the right time.

“Contacts has the ability to add custom fields, such as favorite sports teams, and classify contacts as specific as a step-grandparent so you always know who is connected to a client,” Hurley says. “I have no limit on how I can classify every single contact. I can add limitless relationships. It’s unbelievable.”

Be a neighborhood expert – In a few easy clicks, agents can subscribe contacts in their database to neighborhoods they care about most. From there, Command will generate a personalized landing page filled with real-time market data (branded to the agent) for the contact.  When a contact visits the page, Command tracks that interaction to help determine when the contact is more likely and ready to connect about real estate.

The reward is twofold: clients receive hyperlocal information about the neighborhoods they love, and agents are able to have more relevant, human conversations with their database.

Stay connected – The SmartPlans feature in Command automates touches, removing any guesswork about how agents should stay in contact with their database.

For many, Command is more than a product. It is an opportunity for agents to take the reins in an ever-changing business landscape.

“Command isn’t costing $2,000 a month, and Keller Williams isn’t selling our information to third-party vendors. This company is simply providing us an agent-driven opportunity to run our businesses like businesses and move into the tech age with a firm grasp on functionality and purpose,” shares Sarita Dua, a KW agent who has found immense value in Contacts.

Six Months into Contacts

Prior to Command, Dua’s database was split between two CRMs-  one for past clients and the another for prospects.

“The disparate systems led to double-entry and manual processes,” she shares. “I spent hours scouring through Post-it®  notes and my memory to keep everything in order.”

Serendipitously, Contacts received the green light through Labs right as Dua’s CRM contract was up for renewal.

“I was paying a lot of money for the systems I was using. The renewal alone would cost me $10,000. At that point, I knew it was time to enter Command.”

With the help of her administrator, Dua worked diligently moving 1,362 of her past client contacts into Keller Williams’ proprietary platform.

“We began by assigning a ‘to be validated’ tag to each contact. Then, the contact’s information was reviewed to ensure the information had transferred correctly. Once everything looked good, we removed the tag and added custom tags (e.g. past buyer, past buyer, year).”

The transition opened several opportunities for Dua and her team:

  1. Organization – Being able to consolidate and tag our contacts was huge. 
  2. Client Touches – We used client events as opportunities to reach out to our database and update and confirm their contact information. 
  3. A Holistic View  –  By February 2019, each contact was assigned to a stage in Command’s sales pipeline giving me a holistic view of my business. My close rate is much better now that I can see where contacts are at in the process.

Today, Dua is prepping to transition 20,000 contacts from her second CRM into Command.

“Command has provided me with the engine and gear shift to drive my business,” she shares. “At the end of the day, I was relying on memory and post-it notes to keep everything moving. Now, I have a system with end-to-end visibility in one place.”

If you’re also a Keller Williams agent, Dua offers a word of advice.

“Use the technology that’s in place right now. Do not get paralyzed by the amazing products to come; ninety-five percent of what you need is already here.”

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