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Published: Jun. 25 2019

You’ve heard the buzz about Command. Truly the operating system of the future, Command is your end-to-end platform that features a powerful, interconnected technology suite, helping you run your business with both ease and simplicity. From lead to close (and beyond), Command allows you to track transactions, optimize tasks, and connect with your sphere like never before.

Introducing Designs

True to its name, the Designs application gives you the ability to create graphics using our professionally designed templates for both prints (listing presentations, fliers, door hangers, postcards, brochures) and web (email signatures, profile banners, social media graphics, and more).

For Zack Younger, a Command super-user, the technology offers a welcomed departure from a disjointed and time-consuming design process.   

“Currently, we have to design graphics in Canva, download them, upload them to Mailchimp, and design the email around the graphic,” he shares.

“Designs eliminates the need to piecemeal out marketing materials to costly design programs and services.”

an array of marketing materials laid out with keller williams logos on them

Personalize, Customize, Revolutionize

Whether you want to tap into your inner artist and create designs from scratch or leverage a vast library of 400 pre-built, plug-and-play templates, Command has you covered. In a few clicks you (and your team members) can create expert-level marketing materials and stunning visuals without prior design experience. Once you’re finished, the assets can be used within Command applications or saved as common file types and run as usual.

In addition to offering a cohesive look for your graphic design projects, it allows you to personalize by branding them specifically to your business and insert real-time market insights in a snap.

“In Designs, every template is customizable; agents aren’t limited to one color, pattern or look,” shares Annie Switt, executive director of marketing and communications at Keller Williams Realty International.

“At Keller Williams, we believe that the agent’s brand comes first. Every tool is built around this core principle.”

Even more, in the not-so-distant future, your marketing materials will integrate into SmartPlans – a tool that kicks off customized workflows and marketing campaigns so you can focus more on your clients. And, because the apps within Command were designed to intentionally work with one another, Designs will be able to pull in local or individualized neighborhood sales data to populate your marketing materials.

Getting Started

To get started, simply select whether you want to create a print or web item – then look through the library of professionally designed templates for the perfect piece. Edit colors, text, images, and more. Then, save your template out of the system for instant use and to your library for easy tweaking or future updates.

Although Younger is no longer in production, his current focus is on teaching agents and leaders how to use technology to systemize their businesses and deliver exceptional consumer experiences, and he believes Designs can help agents do just that.

“I expect to see a jump in productivity for all associates that lean in and adopt the technology,” Younger says. “This allows us to spend more valuable time as a fiduciary for our clients and less time running around working on functionary tasks.”

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