Meet the Megas: Kathy Higginbotham

May 14, 2021

Meet the Megas: Kathy Higginbotham

Known all around her Chesapeake Bay community by her moniker ‘Kent Island Kathy,’ Kathy Higginbotham took to her highly trafficked social media pages to spread the news that she was making the leap from Coldwell Banker to Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland. In sharing her decision to move, Higginbotham shares: “Just like it is for my clients, finding a new place to call home was a big decision for me. I evaluated my long-term goals, made my list of must-haves and needs, researched different brokers until I found the one.”

Newly licensed in 2018, Higginbotham came out swinging. She blew away her first-year sales goal by $6 million, nearly tripled that number in 2020 with 38 units, and is on pace this year to exceed $18 million in sales. She’s the island’s number 1 solo agent and she’s ready to grow.

On social media, Higginbotham shares her excitement for Keller Williams’ technology focused on delivering top quality service, leadership that encourages innovation, and a culture that is driven by service and giving back. “It is THE place to be to build a TEAM! Yes, a part of my long-term goals is to build a team here on the eastern shore to be your local experts delivering first-class service, the best marketing, strong negotiation skills, and an amazing real estate experience to help you accomplish your goals. The Shore Home Team is COMING SOON!” she excitedly states. 

It’s fitting that Higginbotham outlined her goals and vision in a medium where, as an influencer, she uses her 15+ years of sales and marketing experience to position each property as its own business with its own distinctive marketing plan. Multiple times a day you can find her creative posts on Facebook, entertaining and informative videos on Instagram, or you may even catch her singing a homemade real estate diddy on TikTok.

Higginbotham was motivated to move because she wants to grow a team and knows Keller Williams and Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland has the systems, models, and tools she needs to be successful. “When I talked to Keller Williams, the conversation was much more entrepreneurial versus transactional. With my background in business development and sales and marketing, it really excited me that Keller Williams has the tools to help me extend my Kent Island Kathy brand while providing training, systems, and models that I can plug right into to scale my business to be able to serve more while providing an exceptional experience!”

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