Rebecca Durfey

May 7, 2021

Rebecca Durfey

A perennial number 1 Arizona agent at West USA, Rebecca Durfey has nothing but positive things to say about her former brokerage. Yet, after spending 20 years at the business, she leaves it behind for the Keller Williams Professional Partners Market Center. For the $50M in volume top producer, this decision lies in her genuine love for her clients and her fervent desire that they have an exceptional experience (she calls it Level 10 service) when they are buying and selling. 

“They always let me do my own thing and that’s worked well for a long time. I’ve never felt it necessary to make a switch, until I realized I’ve done as much as I can do there, and I needed to finally embrace KW’s offerings to help me grow and serve my clients even better.”

When she started in real estate 20 years ago, she thought she’d be doing good if she could close five deals a year. It’s evident now that she set the bar astonishingly low because since her very first listing with a neighbor all those years ago, she’s always had a transaction in the pipeline. In 2020, she closed more than 100 units – all as a single agent with one licensed assistant, Sherri Dastrup.

Through the years, she’s taken a deep dive into the Keller Williams universe by attending several Mega Camps, forming strong relationships with Keller Williams agents and leaders, following Gary Keller’s communications and teachings, and reading all of his books. Now, she is taking the natural next step within her career, with her clients’ best interests at heart. “This move is not about the dollar. It’s not about production, and it’s not about numbers. For me, this is about partnering with a company that can help me continue to exceed my clients’ expectations.”

Now that she’s made the transition to Keller Williams, her goal is to build an even bigger business by implementing the proven technology solutions, systems, and processes that can equip her to further delight her clients, the vast majority of whom are referrals. “Because I’m type A and motivated by efficiency, I’m anticipating a more streamlined, high-performance operation.”

With the support she’ll get from Keller Williams, she hopes to increase her bandwidth by adding new team members and reaching the next stratosphere of success, which she always measures through the lens of client satisfaction. “I already know how to buy and sell a home. What I love is this idea of personal growth and education, and a better understanding of the business side of things: Creating a team of proficient people,” she says. 

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