Willow Manor Group: Mike McNamara and Zach WalkerLieb

April 30, 2021

Willow Manor Group: Mike McNamara and Zach WalkerLieb

Mike McNamara and Zach WalkerLieb are household names in Las Vegas, Nevada. Respectively, they are top producers in the ultra-competitive Vegas market, and as business partners, their impact is twofold. Combined, their 12-month production totals $41,300,000 with  84 units transacted. Both have been recognized as top “40 Under 40” agents by the Las Vegas REALTORS® Young Professional Network, among numerous other industry accolades (WalkerLieb was also recognized as a top “30 Under 30” agent by the National Association of REALTORS®). The duo joins Keller Williams’ The Marketplace 1 Las Vegas market center under the name Willow Manor Group – and they are hitting the ground running toward their goal of becoming the number one luxury brand in the city. 

Both WalkerLieb and McNamara have spent the entirety of their real estate careers thus far at Coldwell Banker, but ultimately decided that it was time for a change. The pair were attracted to Keller Williams for its superior and reputed technology solutions. As the pandemic hit, they were already seeing major shifts with multiple big companies taking crucial market share. WalkerLieb explains, “The brick-and-mortar brokerages were falling behind and not taking necessary actions to stay competitive. If you’re not doing the right things in tech as a company, you’re going to be gone. Or maybe you survive as a company, but your agents will suffer.” McNamara adds, “What Keller Williams offers is something that is empowering for the agents by proactively taking steps to outpace tech-savvy competitors and keep their agents well prepared to meet their clients’ needs.”

McNamara and WalkerLieb have opposite strengths and saw how partnering up and joining Keller Williams could help them each reach their full potential. Both are devout family men, with twin big whys that are rooted in ample time with their wives and children. In fact, everyone on their team of seven people has young children and growing families. “Community is incredibly important to each of us. Mike is on the board of the charity where he served for several years now and I’m deeply involved in charities and other community organizations as well. We aim to create an environment in which our kids can live wonderful lives because we’ve created amazing communities for them. We also want to make sure that our kids get to experience and interact with us, so not only do we want to be successful in business, we want our kids to be around us all the time.”

Their goal to create a family environment within their business goes hand-in-hand with the network of support they’re finding at Keller Williams. “One of the things that was apparent to us right away was how connected everyone is and how willing they are to share knowledge,” shares WalkerLieb. “It’s encouraging to think that we have access to other high performance agents who have already forged paths in areas where we may need guidance.” 

Now that they’re at Keller Williams, their goal is to deploy models to become extremely systematized, so that as they stretch and grow their team and production, they can do so quickly and efficiently. They’re excited for the partnership and declared, “With the help of Keller Williams, we look forward to Willow Manor becoming the number one luxury brand in Las Vegas.”

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