Cassidy Burns

Ada Ciuca| January 28, 2021

Cassidy Burns

One of Cassidy Burns’ favorite quotes is: “If you feel like you have something to say, allow yourself to say it.” For those who may not know Burns, this sentiment is a perfect introduction into the mind and motivation of the 29-year-old, DC-area real estate agent and property investor. After spending four and a half years at Compass as part of a team and bringing in $23.7M in volume for 2020, Burns transitioned to Keller Williams with a clear vision for the future of his business – one that goes beyond financial growth and focuses on the education and empowerment of fellow agents, clients, and youth. 

Burns is a strong advocate for the power of information, and in making the switch to Keller Williams alongside one operations manager (with plans to add three agents in the coming months), education and active opportunities to share his knowledge are top of mind. “At Keller Williams, I’m gaining access to people that are (really) smart, which is the most important thing for me,” Burns says. “I’ve already spoken on a panel with Keller Williams Capital Properties founder Bo Menkiti and team leader Joe Martin. I’d give up 50% of my commission just to be able to constantly do that,” he says. 

For his clients, Burns’ message is straightforward: Every person that purchases a piece of real estate is an investor. “I feel like I have a lot of information that people need to have access to,” says Burns. As the owner of 62 single-family housing units, he is a master of his craft. “As I continued to acquire them, it helped me relate to clients and gave me the expertise to be able to talk them through the process,” he says. His message to fellow agents is no different. “We know how to transact a house, but I want us to be educated on wealth building: Why do you buy this particular house? What would you rent it for? What will the return on it be?”

While his passion for education in the real estate sector burns bright, Burns doesn’t stop there. In his spare time, he is an avid member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, driven by a mission of giving back with a purpose. “I’m from a middle class family and a small rural town, which sometimes makes it hard to escape from the rat race of never having the opportunity to reach your true potential,” Burns shares. “I want to educate the youth, give them hope and give them opportunity. Once we give them the blueprint of what they need to be doing, they can take it from there.” 

Overall, Burns has ambitious goals for the future of his business and his big life, and joining Keller Williams allows him the freedom and flexibility to run his business in the way he chooses, and the opportunity to educate on the power of real estate. “I don’t want to be a transaction chaser,” he says. “Yes, I want to own and operate hundreds of units, have my own property management firm, and grow my real estate team, but the real goal is to build something that, down the line, when I have children, will allow me to never miss a Little League baseball game. As a platform, Keller Williams can help me achieve this.” 

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