Erica Deuschle

January 22, 2021

Erica Deuschle

Erica Deuschle’s husband and business partner Dave says that she has a unique gift for connecting with others in a way that helps her quickly discern what they want and need. That emphasis on human connection is what propelled her team to the #1 spot at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach for residential units sold. In fact, clarity, confidence, and compassion for others are Deuschle’s greatest strengths and they’ve catapulted her far beyond her competition. In 2020, her team did $104 million in production serving the Greater Pennsylvania Region. She’s Delaware County’s #2 Individual Listing Agent and has been a Top 5 Main Line Agent for units sold since 2017.

Now she’s made a big move, with her nine-person team, to Keller Williams Main Line in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Deuschle was attracted to the systems, technology, and training that will help her and the team adapt and evolve with the ever-changing real estate industry. “We joined Keller Williams Main Line so we can ensure a phenomenal client care experience, provide the best training and innovations for our agents, and position ourselves to grow bigger and better.”

The pineapple, a symbol of hospitality, is front and center in her logo, and the team’s signature “trust the pineapple” captures the heart of their mission to help clients find their perfect home. Deuschle fondly recalls growing up with parents who frequently hosted and entertained and uses the pineapple as a nod to all things home and hearth. When the coronavirus pandemic kept her at her own house more in 2020, she realized anew how much the sanctuary of home matters and how important her team’s service is to her clients. 

Erica Deuschle

“As I look toward the future of my business, it’s all about who, why and where. When reflecting on myself, my family, and what I want for my clients, and my team of agents, the choice to move to Keller Williams was clear to me.” She’d long been inspired by Mike McCann, operating principal at Keller Williams Main Line, who was a former colleague and top agent at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. He and the Keller Williams team ensured that Deuschle’s transition was seamless and that all the backend systems were in place to support immediate transactions. In just the first couple weeks since she made the move to the new organization, Deuschle says she’s more organized and poised for success than she’s ever been. 

“The team of people that helped onboard us have been so proactive and accommodating. My signs were already made and my website was built before I even gave notice at my other company. Their speed and articulation and how they’ve been so agreeable to all my particular needs have set us up to win. They’ve been absolutely wonderful in dealing with me, understanding what my vision is, but also teaching me the best way to do things.”

Deuschle’s ‘why’ is to be able to give to others without thinking twice about it. That’s another reason she’s excited about building, growing, and learning from the best at Keller Williams. “Last year we did $104 million. Now I want to work with people, tools, and processes that will help me do $204 million. With Keller Williams, I truly believe that the sky’s the limit.”

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