Orly Steinberg

Ada Ciuca| January 6, 2021

Orly Steinberg

Thirty-five years ago, Orly Steinberg left “ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings” to focus on her newborn daughter. One year into her motherhood journey, a new opportunity arose: Steinberg received her real estate license. Within two weeks of giving birth to her second daughter, she had her first closing. She reminisces, “I hit the ground running with a 2-year-old and a newborn in tow.” Thirty-four years later, a new opportunity arises for Steinberg, as she joins Keller Williams, leaving Coldwell Banker behind.

Standing at the forefront of a business averaging $65 million in yearly volume, Steinberg reached her career sweet spot – to the point where, for a moment, she was contemplating retirement. However, she quickly realized what she was aching for was a challenge. “I felt that I needed more: more growth, more training, more support and more leadership,” she says. “And especially during COVID, I was able to see which companies were sustainable and which were not. Keller Williams really stepped in with communication, training, culture, and education.”

Steinberg thrives in a culture of learning, and though she’s only recently joined the firm, she is already engulfing herself in everything from Zoom mindset calls with her Keller Williams Village Square Market Center, to an MREA book club and Command training sessions. All of these resources speak to the agent-centric nature of Keller Williams, where the agent is at the forefront of every aspect of the company: whether it be culture, training, or business. Steinberg brings this same attitude into her own team of three admins and three buyer specialists as she works toward growing into a 7th Level team while providing Ritz-Carlton customer-level experiences for their clients.

In addition to uplifting her own team, Steinberg is pouring into the real estate industry in another substantial way – by publishing a book titled Mindset Reset for Real Estate Success. “So many Realtors are well-intentioned and work very hard, but they forget themselves in the process, and I feel like they can do it easier and have more work-life balance,” she says. “It’s my way of giving back to my community of Realtors after all these years.” 

Ultimately, making the switch to Keller Williams was Steinberg’s own version of a mindset reset. “So many of us were able to take a pause and reflect on our lives during this period,” she says. “After being quite comfortable and complacent for the last five years, it’s a challenge that really excites me. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my business and taking my team to the next level.” 

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