Jessica Clark

Ada Ciuca| December 18, 2020

Jessica Clark

When Boston Northwest Region Keller Williams agent Jessica Clark’s team decided to change paths and go with a different brokerage, Clark followed suit. After all, she had spent nine years with the team, growing their buyer agent side and mentoring new agents along the way. Once settled in, she longed for the Keller Williams culture that had woven itself into her life throughout the years. So, after eight short months at Compass, Clark is back as a member of Kristin Hilberg’s ‘Love Where You Live’ team. 

“Once I was there, I realized that Keller Williams really is my home and the culture, training, and opportunities are unmatched,” Clark says. “At Keller Williams, I had worked very hard in my market center to help build the team I was a part of. With the move, I felt like I was starting from scratch.” 

Although with her return she is starting over on a new team (one with similar goals, philosophies and values as her own), Clark is ecstatic to be back in the market center environment. “Our market center is very intimate – everyone knows who you are, who your family is, and welcomes you with open arms,” she shares. Beyond the welcoming environment, Clark is excited to dive back into teaching and mentoring within her market center. In a previous Keller Williams lifetime, she was involved with her office’s Associate Leadership Council (ALC), as well as teaching Ignite classes within her market center. “There are many training and teaching opportunities available to me that I did not feel like I previously had access to when I left Keller Williams,” she says. “I’m looking forward to leaning into them.” 

Clark is a true believer that training and mentorship can help change the industry. And, with her return, she intends to play her own part in the professional development of future real estate agents. “I would love to be more involved in the mentoring piece of our office and help new agents be successful. With more training and mentoring, we can see a lot more agents make a change in this industry. That excites me,” she says. 

Ultimately, Clark is always coming from a place of contribution – an outlook that is welcomed and encouraged within all facets of Keller Williams culture. When she first returned to Keller Williams, a fellow agent shared that a woman’s shelter in a nearby town needed a new industrial washing machine. Within two hours, her market center had raised the funds not just for a washer, but a dryer as well. From that moment, Clark knew she made the right choice. “This wasn’t done for marketing or attention. It was done because there is a group of people in the market center that genuinely cares for everyone in their community,” she says. “It makes me feel so at home and happy to be affiliated with.” 

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  • Caryn Prall says:

    Welcome home!!!!

  • Ann Shaw says:

    So very happy to have you back Jess!

  • Julie Wolf says:

    I’m very moved, and excited to be involved in such a welcoming, warm, motivated company. I knew I. Made the right choice joining Keller Williams. I have a lot to learn. And I’m ready!!! To begin swimming up stream!

    • Ada Ciuca says:

      Hi Julie! We’re so excited that you feel this way. We hope you’ve enjoyed experiencing the culture of sharing at KW, and in the spirit of it, might we share some Outfront articles we think you’d get a lot of value out of. Explore our Training archives when you get a chance 🙂

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      Thanks again for commenting!

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