Tamborrel Real Estate: Matías Bulox

Ada Ciuca| November 12, 2020

Tamborrel Real Estate: Matías Bulox

At 18, Tamborrel Real Estate’s Matías Bulox immigrated to the United States from Argentina. Within two years, he was married and deep into creating a bountiful real estate business as a marketer, alongside his father-in-law, who was finding his footing on the sales side. At the time, Bulox used his marketing prowess to systematically gather leads and create trust among international clients looking to move to the United States. Now, the $32M-producing family indie joins Keller Williams with big plans. 

“When I think about Keller Williams, expansion comes to mind,” says Bulox. For the time being, the 12-person team of Bulox, his wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, an executive assistant and five additional Realtors, hopes to plant seeds in Miami and California. From there, the sky’s the limit. “When I learned what Keller Williams is doing on the technology side and its worldwide growth… I think these priorities align with our own vision and goals for the next 10 years,” he says. 

Roughly 90% of Bulox’ business comes in the form of international clients looking to relocate to the United States. For their clients, who span Mexico, Dubai, Argentina and everywhere in between, Tamborrel Real Estate is more than a realty service. “We sell homes, but we also know the relocation process because we went through it personally,” Bulox says. In doing business with the team, clients find more than a safe home – they find institutional knowledge, important contacts such as immigration lawyers and CPAs, and an empathetic professional who understands the unique challenges and questions of his clients’ situation. 

To the naked eye, it may seem that this niche family affair is exclusively driven by the passion to serve this international community, and boy is this passion palpable. But beyond pure emotion, the team is deeply strategic, ensuring that their services get in front of the right eyes. During his early days, Bulox specialized in search engine optimization and website creation. In the process of crafting an online presence in an era before the internet and social media became an indisputable part of our everyday lives, Bulox discovered an important market need that required attention. “I started seeing these keywords and questions – How do I migrate to the U.S.? How do I purchase a home in the U.S.? – and leaning into them.” 

This innovative approach led Bulox to launch the team’s lead-generating website, Woodlands New Homes, in 2006. “That website has a lot of passion, love, and sleepless nights of work in it,” Bulox says. And it paid off – within six months, it went from zero to 2,000 visits per month. By year two, it was accumulating 10K visits per month, as well as 30 to 60 leads per month – all organically sourced. Today, the website still stands in all its SEO-friendly glory, with additional support from Facebook ad campaigns and high-quality video tours. 

With Keller Williams’ technology offerings and resources, Bulox is ready to take his team even further. “With KW, we can bring on agents that are right for us and enrich them with training,” he says. “Joining the company is adding a lot of value to our name and our reach.” 
Curious to see how Keller Williams can fit into your business and life? 

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  • Ted Mortarotti says:

    I love your story and I resonate with your sense of “Mission”. I am a broker with KW/Encino-Sherman Oaks in the Los Angeles area. When you need a business partner in Southern California to refer business to I am your guy! God Bless you all and best of luck in everything you do. All my best, Ted Mortarotti

    • Matías Bulox says:

      Hi Ted, sorry I just saw your comment on my article. Thank you and count on me if you have families relocating over to Houston, TX.

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