5 New Command Features That Have Every Agent Talking

Lalaina Rabary| October 1, 2020

With the release of Command in 2019, Keller Williams took a strong step forward in delivering on its promise – to streamline how agents do business while keeping them at the center of the transaction. 

Complete with 11 integrated applets, Command has matured at lightning speed, welcoming an average of 105,000 active users per month. From managing their book of business to finding trusted referral partners across KW’s global network, users have truly showcased how Command helps businesses of all shapes and sizes maximize every move. 

Today, Command is more robust than it’s ever been and continues to grow stronger by the day. At Mega Camp, 25 features and enhancements were added to Command’s impressive product stack – a result of six months of hard work and agent collaboration. 

“Through KW Labs, our innovation hub, we are constantly listening to our agent base; they help us determine the future of Command,” shares Jessica Groff, KW product director. “With their help, Command continues to get better every day.” 

Here’s a quick review of launches that stood out, why they have agents talking, and how they can offer immediate value to your business: 

Command Email 

No need for a pricy email marketing service; Command Email is now available for you to send emails directly from your account. As a user, you can send 5,000 emails per month at no charge with two avenues for delivery:

  • In the Campaigns applet, you have the ability to create custom emails (complete with video) to send to leads/contacts of choice. Feeling creatively zapped? Select from a suite of beautifully designed KW email templates or create your own to leverage time and time again.
  • In a few easy clicks, you can also create and attach emails to SmartPlans – an applet that allows you to automate listing checklists, marketing touchpoints, drip campaigns, and more.

Why agents love it: “The video editing functionality inside of Command Emails is the biggest opportunity for agents to crush a database and email list in the seven years since I’ve been at KW.” – George Kelly

Custom SmartPlans

With over 20.8 million plans that have moved through the system, it’s safe to say SmartPlans is one of the most beloved applets in Command. Why? Because it does all the heavy lifting – automating communication plans and the functionary to free you up to be the fiduciary your clients need. Prior to Mega Camp, you could select and run pre-built SmartPlans; now you can customize your own! Meaning, you can add or remove steps to any SmartPlan, insert emails and text messages, add tasks, set delays, or restart flows if need be.  

Why agents love it:  “I love that custom SmartPlans help me automate my Facebook lead follow-up process and help save me a ton of time in lead qualification.” – Marty Miller

Expanded SmartPlans Library 

Command’s library of pre-built SmartPlans is expanding now that users have the ability to add their very own tried-and-true SmartPlans to the mix for all to use. This puts the power of choice in YOUR hands as you have the ability to leverage high-performing SmartPlans from fellow agents and leaders. Additionally, new sorting, searching, filtering, and rating capabilities will make it easy to find the perfect plan to help you reach your business goals. 

Why agents love it: “SmartPlan libraries are incredible value and leverage for many associates that are not sure where to start. Replicating another agent’s lead gen follow up, post-closing or client event gives them a starting place from which they can personalize it to their business.” – David Donaldson

Saved Search Notifications (The KW App) 

From the onset, the KW App has empowered agents and consumers alike by creating a central point for communication and collaboration. Among many things, the consumer-facing counterpart to Command:

  • Allows you to stay close at hand as consumers search for the home of their dreams on your KW branded app.
  • Brings your expertise to the forefront as you collaborate with clients when they ‘favorite’ listings and place top picks into Collections. 
  • Helps you usher clients through every step of the homeownership journey using guides. 

The latest add – saved search notifications – notifies consumers once a new property hits your branded app that meets their predetermined criteria (set by them or you). Your clients can select how frequently they would like to be updated (instantly, daily, weekly, or monthly). The benefit is two-fold: consumers get the on-demand information they crave and you are positioned as the local expert offering them what they need when they need it.

Why agents love it: 

  • “Saved search notifications allow for consumers to receive on-demand information without forcing the agent to be ‘on-demand.’” – Laura Pozzi
  • “Coaching my clients to set up their own saved searches using the KW App and set themselves up on automated update emails both empowers them to manage their own home search as well as provides me additional touchpoints and opportunities to build rapport with them.” – Robert Sogomonian

Client Updates 

New to Command, Client Updates allows you to keep your clients informed about the steps you’ve taken on their behalf. Once you set email preferences and choose the checklist items and details you’d like to communicate, it’s a go! As you progress through an Opportunity in Command, your clients will be sent a daily report via email of all the tasks you’ve crossed off the list to get them closer to closing.

Why agents love it: “Client Updates allows agents to demonstrate value on a daily basis and provide consistent communication of the often-overlooked value of using a Realtor.” – Shannon Dager

Ready to hit the ground running?

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  • Get started on your journey to becoming a tech-enabled agent through comprehensive training on KW Connect.

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