These SmartPlans Take Leverage to a New Level

August 27, 2019

Cultivating deeper relationships with your clients can be challenging; especially amid a hectic calendar of listing appointments, showings, and meetings. SmartPlans is here to help by automating the functionary aspects of your business so you can get more time on your calendar to focus on being the fiduciary your clients need.  

At its core, SmartPlans is a workflow management tool that does the heavy lifting by working in tandem with other applications within Command – Keller Williams’ end-to-end operational system. In a few easy clicks, drags, and drops, SmartPlans allows you to automate listing checklists, marketing touchpoints, drip campaigns, and more. The result? More time to provide personal attention to your database (whether 10 or 10,000) and fewer deals that slip between the cracks. With SmartPlans, agents are now able to create custom plans and even publish them for others to download. However, agents can still rely on pre-built SmartPlans to foster database engagement.

Nine pre-built SmartPlans are available for use right now:

1. Neighborhood Nurture (Monthly, Biweekly)

Duration: Indefinite

Share relevant neighborhood data in real-time with the Neighborhood Nurture SmartPlan in Command. Why does this matter? Keller Williams researchers discovered that when agents provide information that is organized by neighborhood, client engagement increases roughly 300 to 400 percent. This fully customizable and automated SmartPlan allows agents to send hyperlocal neighborhood data via email to current and future clients through beautifully designed communication pieces on a monthly or bimonthly schedule. It’s never been easier to be the local expert.

2. Quarterly Call

Duration: Indefinite

Go ahead and admit it, even with the best of intentions, quarterly calls to your database sometimes fall off the radar. With the Quarterly Call SmartPlan, you will be reminded to connect with your database every 90 days. This workflow takes the guesswork and stress out of scheduling those calls that matter most. With regular communication, you will be a familiar and trusted name clients can easily contact.

3. Midterm Nurture

Duration: 3-6 months

This SmartPlan is tailored for contacts in your database that you believe are 3-6 months away from buying or selling. It delivers your real estate-specific expertise in two-week interval messaging over 3-6 months, which can be customized around each contact’s specific needs. It’s a great way to strategically automate your communications so they remain consistent but don’t feel automated and generic.

4. Long-Term Nurture

Duration: 6-12 months

As days pass by, you don’t want your database to as well. Stay top of mind with this eight-step plan that allows you to schedule regular check-ins with contacts over the span of six months. Beginning with the Monthly Neighborhood Nurture, this SmartPlan will connect with your contacts every 10 days by call reminders, automated emails, and texts, increasing conversions and maintaining consistency that makes the difference between someone they used to know and someone they still do.

5. 8 x 8 New Contact Engagement

Duration: 8 weeks

As described in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, a touch campaign is a series of systematic, consistent, and purposeful contacts with people in your database, which convey your value and keep you top of mind. A touch can be a call, text, personal visit, email, newsletter, or market report. Similar to the Midterm Nurture SmartPlan, an 8 x 8 is a touch campaign designed for newly met contacts in your database, but is delivered more frequently. This plan helps you build relationships with new contacts right away and win the real estate “mind share” battle.   

6. Birthday

Duration: Indefinite

Birthdays present the perfect opportunity to show your clients that you value the relationship you’ve built. They also open a door to learning about potential real estate needs. Never miss a birthday again with this personal and powerful SmartPlan.

7. Open House Follow-Up

Duration: 20 days

A lead walks through the door of your open house. You build rapport. What next? As Jennie Moshure shares, “Success is in the follow-up. We are very strategic when it comes to reaching out to open house prospects. After an open house, we follow up with them through handwritten notes, emails, and phone calls.” Command makes this even easier! Once you assign this SmartPlan to open house leads, Command will trigger tasks and communications that will help you secure the consult.

8. Home Anniversary

Duration: Indefinite

Buying a house is a big deal. No matter how many years have passed, most people like to remember it as it may elicit fond feelings. This SmartPlan ensures that you reach out to your clients and recognize this momentous occasion every year. Your thoughtful touches – a card/gift and phone call – will make your clients feel special, remind them of the exemplary service they received with you, and bring more referrals your way.

9. Promote My App

Duration: 1 week

This SmartPlan puts your KW App in the hands of current and future clients with just three effective touches.

The list doesn’t stop here.

The KW development team is working around-the-clock with agents, generating new functionalities and SmartPlans to take your business higher.

Get started with SmartPlans:

  • Upload: Upload your contacts into Command and input as many details as possible. SmartPlans will not work until your contacts are in the system.
  • Tag/Group: Use customized tagging and grouping. The more organized your contacts are, the easier it’ll be to segment and assign the most appropriate and relevant SmartPlans to each contact.
  • Assign: Assign a SmartPlan to your contacts. As activities within a SmartPlan get set off, the contact record will update in real-time. This means you’ll be able to see which SmartPlan a contact/lead received and what the last touch was the minute you click into their record.
  • Follow Through: As with things that matter, success is in the follow-through. As reminders come your way, take action and leave detailed notes for yourself, which are also saved to your contact’s record when Command prompts.
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