The Zepeda Team

Ada Ciuca| November 4, 2020

The Zepeda Team

Homes have been a part of Abel and Terry Zepeda’s life for a long time – for him, in the form of a construction career, and for her, through a 10-year new home sales career. The jump to real estate isn’t that far-fetched, yet when Abel walked in one day announcing that he was interested in becoming a Realtor, Terry was surprised. In 2018, the San Antonio-based husband-and-wife duo quit their jobs and began building their real estate careers at RE/MAX. Now a $13 million-producing pair with one admin staff member, the Zepedas join Keller Williams with their sights on one major goal: growing their team. 

“At Keller Williams, there are so many powerful, successful teams, and I want that,” Terry shares. “Last year, I told Abel that if we want to grow our team, we have to move. For me, Keller Williams is the place where growth is going to be possible.” 

For Terry, training plays a big role in turning this goal into a reality. She thrives off observing others in the industry and learning from them – something she felt was missing as top-producing agents at their previous brokerage. “I felt as if our growth potential was going to hit a ceiling,” she says. “As top producers, we were often seen as the team to learn from, but it is important to us to also be challenged by others. We want to be around like-minded people.” 

By tapping into Keller Williams’ network of educators and agents willing to share the tools to their success, the Zepedas want to do the same. “We are at the point where we want to help others grow how we have grown,” Terry says. “My vision for the next five years is to be able to have a successful team where our associates are reaching their goals and potential.” 

Between Abel’s ability to put clients at ease during open houses and Terry’s professionalism and depth of industry knowledge, the complementing pair will no doubt achieve their goals with ease. “He is the bait and I reel them in,” Terry jokes. “We are 100% different from one another, so you have the best of both worlds.” The couple, who has been together for 25 years, had some struggles getting into the rhythm of jointly running a business, but allowing each other to flourish in their respective areas of strength has, and will continue, to set them up for success. “Abel is my biggest fan and I am his, and we each are our own worst critic,” Terry says. “When you have the other person pumping you up, it is inspiring and it works. You wouldn’t have that with a normal business partner.” 

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  • Mark Jackson says:

    Congratulations on the move!

  • Ted Mortarotti says:

    Hi guys, thank you for sharing your story with us all. It reminds me that “Iron sharpens Iron”, you two sound like you are having a lot of fun on the way to hitting and exceeding your goals! If you are looking for a business partner to refer trusted clients to in Southern California I am your guy! My name is Ted Mortarotti and I am in the KW/Encino-Sherman Oaks office. God Bless and best of luck in everything you do!

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