Paula Clark

Ada Ciuca| October 30, 2020

Paula Clark

The moment you sit down (virtually, as this year would have it) with Paula Clark, one thing is clear: she cares deeply for her team. In fact, the top-producing agent and team lead takes deep care in vetting every detail before making pivotal business decisions that will affect them. This year, Clark is hyperfocused on giving her team a supportive environment where they can thrive and reach their goal of doubling their business. To achieve this, she joined Keller Williams after spending 20 years at Coldwell Banker. 

Since making the transition, Clark has already experienced the freedom to focus on her business. “KW made it very easy: they put together my marketing materials, sat with me, and delivered my signs to my home in three days. I was blown away,” she shares. “When I spoke to Gary Keller, he said to me, ‘It’s all about the agent,’ and it shows. I connected with him because of the amazing culture he obviously practices.” 

Within KW’s agent-first ecosystem, Clark can enjoy her big why: spending time and traveling with her grandchildren and children while still successfully spearheading her business. “My vision is: I list 10 houses. I go away for a week. I come back, another 10 houses. I go away for two weeks. I fully believe this is possible because of the support of a great team at Keller Williams.” 

Building an impenetrable business foundation that turns this dream into reality does not come overnight. Through personal coaching, Clark has spent years nurturing her environment by curating a strong team that aligned on core values, and exponentially growing her business – from $22 million to a whopping $68 million operation, currently on track for $80 million. 

Her strategic approach to teams and exponential business growth are the markings of a true leader. Yet, Clark didn’t always understand just how big of a deal she actually is. “I’m humbled at how my worth has been illuminated at Keller WIlliams,” she says. With newfound confidence, the best is yet to come. She will continue to soar and pour into her team. 

Lovingly referred to as Yiayia, an ode to her Greek roots, Clark invests in her agents’ happiness through events, ‘treat yourself’ moments like driving into the city in a limo and watching Broadway shows, and, the way to many hearts, cooking. Alongside her husband, who plays an integral role within the team and will expand into a recruiting position at Keller Williams, she truly builds an atmosphere of acceptance among her team of seven.

Since the pandemic, this atmosphere has only become stronger. “When COVID hit, I didn’t want my team to worry that they would not have a job or that we wouldn’t get through this together,” she says. “I knew I had to step up as a leader.” So, she took in every bit of training available on pivoting strategy and organized two to three Zoom calls with her team per day. “At the same time, Keller Williams was reaching out – not as a way of recruiting, but as a way of caring. I was blown away by how they helped,” she says. “I have another tribe now, a new tribe,” she says of the move.

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