Kate Christiansen

September 2, 2021

Kate Christiansen

Whether it’s a first-time buyer, a complicated transaction, or a straightforward sale, mega agent Kate Christiansen loves the art of the deal and is consistently among Southern California’s top performers. She closed 2020 with $38.5 million in production and 55 units sold. In 2021, she’s well on her way to the $60 million mark. 

After starting her real estate journey at Coldwell Banker and a local boutique brokerage, Christiansen moved to Keller Williams where she spent more than a decade, often being ranked as a top agent. Seeking a change, earlier this year she decided to move to eXp Realty. But, after just five months at the brokerage, Christiansen returns, stating:  “It wasn’t like being at Keller Williams.”

Culture Takes the Cake

For Christiansen, culture deeply matters. Careers worth having and lives worth living is not just a tagline, but something that is part of the company’s ethos and that was evidently missing during her time away. She explains how much the kindness of her colleagues has meant to her as she’s returned to Keller Williams. “Every time I walk into the office, somebody comes up to me and says something nice and encouraging. People are kind and sincere and it’s so nice to be a part of.”

Sharing Is Caring

She is drawn to Keller Williams’ emphasis on abundance and care for others, as well as a focus on excellence and efficiency. “People also care by sharing. I, too, want to make a difference and help others in the office by sharing my knowledge. I’ve always been of that heart.” 

After a year of office closures and isolation, she’s thrilled to be back in an office with positive and caring people. “I’m motivated to give back, and I love teaching and sharing my experience and knowledge with other agents. I’ve just really been craving a community with likeminded people who are working toward success like me.”

“If I need something signed off on, it takes a few minutes, and doesn’t get caught up in layers of approval or red tape. That makes doing my job so much easier. In fact, our whole front office staff is constantly working to make it easier for us to support our clients.” 

Team Training and Growth

She’s excited about supporting her team, which includes a showing partner, an inside sales leader and agent, and two assistants, with the company’s extensive training resources. She’ll have access to KW’s tools and technology, and she is confident in delegating and letting her team process and manage their huge and steady influx of internet leads. She sees ahead to a day when she can take her foot off the gas a bit and set the cruise control. 

“I want to train people well enough so that they can leave, but take care of them, and get them so connected to our system and great culture that they never want to leave. With our partnership with Keller Williams, that’s how I feel like it’s going to go for the next decade or more. I can now see a time where this business will sustain itself, even when I am not selling real estate anymore.”


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    Welcome home Kate!! I’ve been kW 29 years in Denver. Glad to have you back!

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