Renowned Luxury Agents Claudia Mills and Remy Weinstein Join Keller Williams in Oakland, California

January 25, 2022

Renowned Luxury Agents Claudia Mills and Remy Weinstein Join Keller Williams in Oakland, California

Two top California luxury agents – Claudia Mills and Remy Weinstein – have joined forces with Keller Williams in the Oakland market center of the Northern California and Hawaii Region. Already home to more than 200 agents, including Oakland luxury market royalty The Gunderman Group, the market center is a perfect fit for Mills and Weinstein, who each bring in booming and lauded businesses. At Keller Williams, both agents are looking to tap into the company’s models and systems to leverage their businesses productively and profitably.

Claudia Mills Real Estate Team

With $72 million in personal production in the last 12 months, and a number of top producer awards amassed throughout the years, Claudia Mills is the #1 solo agent in luxury listings over $2 million in the East Bay. Leaving behind her previous brokerage, Sotheby’s, Mills joined Keller Williams at the end of 2021 with the goal of building a happy team and offering a balanced life for everyone on it. She’s extremely family focused, even making the business a family affair. Her husband, daughter, and son all have a hand in the branding of the Claudia Mills Real Estate Team, having produced video and other marketing materials for the business. 

“I have long admired Claudia’s presence in our marketplace,” shares KW Oakland team leader Tina Jones. “From her gorgeous lifestyle videos, to how creatively she promotes her listings along with her reputation as a true professional, has made her the agent to aspire to emulate. She not only sets the standard for marketing real estate, she IS the standard.” 

Throughout her 12 years in the industry, her business has grown exponentially. “I love doing real estate, but at this particular moment, it’s gotten out of hand,” Mills shares. “I’d worked very hard and built this life that I did not want to live, ending up with me working until 11 o’clock at night.” After connecting with Jones over lunch, Mills began learning about the extensive resources available to KW agents that would allow her to regain control over her time and strategically build her business’ support staff. “I am impressed with how Keller Williams really supports agents in such a forward-leaning way of hiring your team and then bringing on a larger team. That is very compelling to me at this particular point in my career,” she says. 

As she shifts from Claudia Mills the solo agent to the Claudia Mills Real Estate Team, she has been pleased with the seamlessness of the transition, and how intentional the KW team has been in providing help. “What’s new for me is actually hiring people. I’m in the process of that and Keller Williams has been incredible in providing the guides, and all the critical resources about becoming an employer, which I’ve never done before. They’ve really followed through on giving me everything I need to become a small business as opposed to being a Realtor at a brokerage.” Mills is at an arc in her career where she wants to enjoy her success and provide a path for her team members to reach their goals too. “Building their success and not just my own is a big reason for embarking on this new venture,” she says. 

“We are thrilled to be in business with Claudia and help her bring even more value to her clients through building a well-run team and developing a business that allows her to grow her empire.” 

Remy Weinstein Realty Group

A longtime Oakland resident, Remy Weinstein is the area’s #1 luxury buyers’ agent. Last year, he sold over $60 million in personal volume, with his team rocketing that number even higher. At the start of his career, he spent time solely working with buyers and perfecting his skills and knowledge. After six or seven years, those buyers returned, but this time as sellers, and made a grand impact on production: He credits 2021 with being his best year yet. Weinstein is passionate about his purpose. “I help make dreams come true. If you ask most people about their dreams and goals, owning a home is at the top of their list. I just love being a part of something so monumental.”

“Remy is one-of-a-kind, with his incredible market knowledge and drive to serve his clients at a high level, he has accomplished great things with his team, and now will take his business to the next level,” Jones shares. “I am super excited to be in business with him and his team of stellar agents as he is impeccable in his work ethic and his desire to bring greater opportunities to those around him.” 

For the last three consecutive years, he’s been the #1 agent for volume and units sold at the Sotheby’s Montclair office, and his devotion to his clients has earned him a steady stream of five-star reviews online. At the beginning of January 2022, Remy made the leap to Keller Williams, bringing his growing team along with him. He’s attracted to the structure, the processes, the guidance, and the training. 

“I’m really excited about building out my team and optimizing my business processes so that I can operate like a Fortune 500 company.” To that end, the team is focused on mapping out their next steps. “We’re taking some time to step back and work on implementing systems and developing structure to put us in a position to increase both production and profitability,” Weinstein shares.

“Remy’s commitment to implementing the models and systems of the MREA and to coaching is already helping to change the trajectory of his business and bring more of the Remy magic to even more people in 2022,” says Jones.

Both Mills and Weinstein take a very hands-on approach to marketing and produce premier websites, virtual tours, and in-house videos. Each have distinguished themselves in the Oakland area with impeccable branding and appreciate that their partnership with Keller Williams does not in any way dilute their individual brands, but rather strengthens it. Let us give them a warm welcome! 

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