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Meet the Megas

Every day, top-tier agents are turning heads as they make the move to Keller Williams.
Here's a look at a few of who are now proud to call KW home!

Meet the Megas

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The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Podcast

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Podcast delves into the strategies and success stories of top industry professionals, demystifying the path to big profits. With insightful interviews, actionable tips, and market insights, it empowers entrepreneurs at all stages to elevate their real estate game.

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Think Like A CEO

Gary Keller went from aspiring rock musician to leader of one of the most innovative companies in real estate. Think Like A CEO weaves a narrative of the business and life lessons Gary learned along the way, from developing business strategies, to hiring the right people, to developing a celebrated culture that truly puts people first.

Tune in to hear this in-depth conversation with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

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