10 Ways to Take Territory in the Fourth Quarter

October 28, 2019

Being a top real estate agent means being purposeful and strategic about your activities. And, the right activities at the right time will yield the right results. So how do you know which activities to do and, more importantly, when?

Mega agents and real estate leaders agree that the fourth quarter represents the best opportunity to take territory and create unprecedented possibilities for your business. It’s when traditional real estate slows down, and when you can speed up. This allows you to create momentum and seize market share.

We’ve compiled a list of key activities, as well as advice from top agents and industry leaders, to set your business apart and up for success right when it matters most – the fourth quarter.

1. Set a big goal.

Setting your goals is the first step to achieving your best fourth quarter yet. In The ONE Thing, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan write, “Visualizing the process – breaking a big goal down into the steps needed to achieve it – helps engage the strategic thinking you need to plan for and achieve extraordinary results.” Need some inspiration? Watch as Jay Papasan shares the powerful message of The ONE Thing at TEDx.

2. Monitor your progress.

After setting your goals, check-in daily to monitor the results of your activities. Team leader Jessica Fox Wimmer writes about the importance of staying plugged into your goals and evaluating tangible metrics.  “Constantly monitor your progress and don’t be afraid to pivot as needed. I keep track of my goals daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. If you keep track of where you are and where you’re headed, you can make changes quickly, get out of the box, and make a massive shift.”

3. Focus on listings.

If you want to accelerate your business, you’ll have to focus your energy on taking more listings. After all, seller listings bring exposure, buyer leads, and more seller-listing leads. Struggling to land listings? Read these articles from Cody Gibson and Jeff Glover. Combined, their recommendations will help you push past your challenges and win more listings in less time. 

4. Don’t let complacency take hold.

In the months preceding the fourth quarter, business tends to be abundant, which can lead to complacency when it comes to lead generation. As all successful real estate agents know, lead generation is the fuel for your business. Make sure to employ several lead gen strategies to keep your pipeline full.

5. Defend from distractions.

Distractions won’t just eat up your time, they will derail you from progress. Take up the proven productivity strategies, like time blocking, to stay on track.

6. Challenge perceived limitations.

There was a point where top agent Alexis Weigand didn’t think growing her business and family was possible. Then, she had a conversation with her KW MAPS Coach who challenged her with a simple question … “Why not you?” The question propelled her to defy her limiting beliefs, and today she has three children and a $50 million business. Don’t let perceived limitations take hold during the fourth quarter; anything is possible with the right systems and models in place.

7. Seek accountability. Embrace feedback.

Regional director Lucas Sherraden credits caring leaders and accountability as keys to his success. In nine months, he closed 32 transactions for $6.2 million in sales volume because his team leader “didn’t negotiate with my limiting beliefs. She saw my potential and held me accountable to my vision,” he shares. To achieve your goals, Sherraden advises you do the same.

8. Streamline your database.

Growing your database is important, but if you can’t manage it, then it becomes a collection of missed opportunities,” writes luxury agent Brandy Coffey. For this reason, Coffey uses Contacts and SmartPlans in Command to make sure her database is organized and her client touches remain consistent. “All of these functions combined help me connect with my database on a higher level while working in one system.”

9. Polish your brand.

Today’s consumers have a sea of options when it comes to real estate agents. Stand out and stay top-of-mind with attractive visuals and unique designs.

10. Learn from others.

The beginning pages of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent feature the following quote by Isaac Newton: “If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.” With Connect Live, you can learn from those that have been there and done that from anywhere in the world. Visit KW Connect for a list of upcoming livestreams, so you can gather priceless knowledge from leading agents and teams.

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