Don’t Overthink It: How to Earn More Listings in Less Time

Cody Gibson| May 28, 2019

What if I told you earning 10 listings per month was easily within reach? 

This is a question I pose frequently to real estate agents across the country in presentations, conversations, and masterminds. Whenever I ask, I’m met with wide eyes, skeptic stares, or a combination of the two that screams, “It’s too good to be true!” I get it. In many ways, 10 listings per month sounds like an arbitrary and lofty goal – especially if you’re struggling to secure five like I was years ago.

A Wake-Up Call

I thought my real estate business was doing fine until I looked at my bank account, which told me otherwise. Frustration turned into determination as I went into purposeful lead generation for listings. Within four months, I was securing 10 listings a month – a goal I previously believed was reserved for seasoned and skilled agents. Today, my team is on pace to closing 1,400-1,600 sales this year.

Looking back, I can identify my greatest hurdle – me.

We often overcomplicate success, when it’s simple: work hard, provide value and watch how big your business will grow.

10 Tips for Earning More Listings

Here are some listing lessons I’ve learned along the way:

Unlearn the myth that taking listings is a skill.

It’s not. It’s simply the intersection of desire and habit. The minute we believe taking listings is a skill, it gives us full license not to own it. Or even worse, chalk up our lack of progress to “a skill we haven’t learned yet.”

Shift your mindset.

Big success begins with BOLD intention. This means shifting your mindset from “I hope to get X listings this month” to “I will take X listings this month.” Like the BOLD laws state, “what you focus on expands” and “your cells eavesdrop on your thoughts.” Or as you shift your energy into acquiring listings, your mind and body will follow. Soon, you’ll be so engrossed in the journey that one day you’ll look up and trip across the finish line.

Make one listing appointment each day.

Listings are a numbers game with the genesis being the appointment. If you think about it, there’s 21-22 business days per month. If you make an appointment each day, you’ll give yourself room for those that will inevitably fall through – leaving you with 12-14 actual appointments. The pressure of setting the appointment will also work in your favor. You’ll ramp up your lead generation, make the calls, and dig deep into your database because you have to figure it out.

Don’t manufacture motivation … uncover it.

I have a lot of respect for people who knock on 100 doors per day. That’s not easy. I also wonder, wouldn’t you want to put your energy into something that gives you results right now? Blindly knocking on doors is a luck game.

Instead of leaving your business to luck, ask yourself, “what is the lead generation method that I’ll pursue to uncover motivation?”

You must focus your energy on leads that have clear motivation to sell (e.g., FSBOs, expireds, or internet leads who have requested a CMA or property valuation).

Institute Follow-Up Wednesdays (or another day of the week of your choice).

This is one day you follow up with old leads. A lot of agents stop contacting people because they run out of things to say. Keep it simple with this script:

  • I just wanted to call and follow up. How are you? (In which they will ask how you are)
  • I’m great! We just sold X homes this month and would love yours to be the X.

While this script seems boring, remember, your business must be boring at times so your life can be interesting. Variety isn’t the spice of life in every single way. Just keep calling.

Publish one “I have a buyer post” per week on your social channels.

When you post about your buyers week after week, your audience will take notice and you’ll stop the scroll. Here’s a post I like to use:

  • I’m working with <name> looking for a home in X area for X price. Do you know anyone?

The story should always be, “I have buyers.” If you don’t have buyers, it’s “I have inventory.”

If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.

Set up strategic competition.

You can do this by bottlenecking your showings and forcing them into specific dates and times of the week. If you’ve ever shown a home to a client while another agent is also showing the home, you’ll learn the biggest motivator is the fear of loss. This will also be a differentiator between you and other real estate agents. Most don’t do it because it requires more thought, time and strategy.

Stay in touch with every seller, every week.

I use the 2×3 method. During the listing appointment, I tell the seller(s) that I will be reaching out to them two times per week with a verbal (phone call/voicemail) and a written (text/email/Facebook message) update about where the transaction is at. I also let them know that we will be meeting face-to-face every three weeks until their home is sold with this script:

  • Every third week, we’re going to get together to look over the entire marketing plan. Two heads are better than one. We’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding you a buyer.

The meeting goes beyond marketing strategy. It becomes a space for you to discuss pricing strategy, home condition and any changes that must be made. This is especially beneficial if the home is taking longer to sell and you have unconvinced sellers who are defiant to make changes to either.

Know the difference between practice time and playtime.

A popular musician isn’t getting paid $20 million to play to a crowded stadium. By then, they’re just enjoying themselves. They’re getting paid for the years they spent playing shows to an empty room.

Like a musician, you’re getting paid to practice your listing presentation for 30-45 minutes a week so you can be worry-free and have fun at the listing presentation.

The listing presentation is your concert. Practice to play!

Take advantage of KW Technology.

Keller Williams’ technology is a friend that can help all of this happen faster – and with more predictability. Command brings leads to the surface and helps you keep track of them to close; Kelle puts contacts in your database; Referrals helps you tap into real estate’s largest referral network. Lean into this technology, because without it you’re stuck with reminders, manual process and luck.

About Cody Gibson

Cody Gibson has been a top-producing agent for over 17 years. He is founder and CEO of the Portland Real Estate Group and operating principal of Keller Williams – Portland Central. Passionate about helping others find success, Cody travels around the country teaching courses through KW MAPS Coaching and is a highly sought-after speaker and business coach.

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