Listing Presentations That Win Sellers

October 7, 2019

How can I help my team get more listings? How can I get more listings?

These are questions mega agent Jeff Glover asks himself every day. He believes everything should revolve around listing presentations and offers five concepts to help you master them in the field.

“Listing presentations are valuable for many reasons,” says Glover. “They empower you, the agent, to be an employer and secure transactions in less time. They also free you up, so you are not locked into a buyer’s schedule.”

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Glover’s Listing Presentation Strategy

1. Content Creation

Content is the core of a great listing presentation. What content should you include?

Content that communicates your value

“You have a lot to offer compared to the market,” says Glover.

“Share the unique value you have to offer, your status as a local expert and how your expertise has specifically benefited clients. Make sure your content aligns with the type of property of your listers.”

Your Marketing Plan

Listers want to know how you will market their properties once they decide to sell. Do you use online marketing, agent-to-agent, print or others? Glover recommends you include it all.

Your Pricing Strategy

“The majority of appointments are either won or lost in the pricing discussions,” shares Glover. “When discussing the suggested price your clients should list at and what the comparative market analysis (CMA) suggests about the price, you will be prepared for sellers that expect a higher price and lay the groundwork for strategic price reductions as needed.” Visuals

Attractive Visuals

Visuals matter! Infographics are a great way to combine display both relevant information and data. Make sure you share the right amount of information and take into consideration how to showcase it (print versus digital).

Pro Tip: Leverage Keller Williams’ new listing presentation templates in Designs! New and improved, each template has been handcrafted in partnership with KW’s top agents to help you bring more expertise, brand recognition and insight to the listing table. 

Win More Listings

2. Practice

Once you’ve customized your listing presentations in Designs or created your own, it’s time to practice. Like everything, delivering a great listing presentation is a skill that takes repetition and consistency. Before sitting down with your listers, practice your scripts and focus on sharing value without selling.

Here are three scripts that Glover uses to help him land the listing:

  • Wouldn’t it make sense to get just one more opinion before you get tied up in a multi-month contract?
  • Do you feel I can sell your home?
  • When would you like our photographer to come out to shoot the home?

Glover shares three tips to master your scripts in 90 days:

  • Take the listing presentation and write it down once a day for 30 days.
  • Take the listing presentation and recite the script aloud once a day for 30 days.
  • Role-play the listing presentation once a day for 30 days.

3. Delivery

Here are four things Glover says to keep in mind when delivering your presentation:

  • Rate of speech: Pay attention to the rate based on the seller you’re meeting with.
  • Tonality and dialect: You may have to change how you speak to build rapport with the seller.
  • Volume: Control the volume of your voice to match theirs whenever possible.
  • Body language: Watch the seller and see how they respond to certain things. Mimic their body language.

4. Prequalification and Homework

Don’t go out to a listing presentation without asking these questions and doing your homework:

Female realtor discussing documents with couple
  • If what I say makes sense and you feel 100% comfortable and confident in my abilities to get your home sold, will you be ready to put your home on the market?

Several sellers will say “no.” This question allows you to find out the objections they have for selling before you even go to the appointment.

  • Will you please describe your home for me?

This question allows you to find out the personality type of the seller and of course any updates/improvements they have made.

  • When I see you, what price do you want to list your home for?
  • As a professional real estate agent, I study home prices every day. I assume you will list with me at a price that will get your home sold?
  • Will all the decision-makers be present?

Once you’ve confirmed the appointment, let the sellers know what to expect at the meeting and ask them to gather any needed information. It’s your obligation to have great follow-up and communication.

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