Bring More to the Table with Listing Presentations in Designs

September 26, 2019

A foundational piece of your marketing suite has been added to Designs – listing presentations. New and improved, each version has been handcrafted in partnership with KW’s top agents to help you bring more expertise, brand recognition and insight to the listing table. 

Customizable Content

To help you communicate your unique value

Successful agents recognize the unique value they offer and can communicate it in a way that speaks to the specific needs of each client. Designed with customization in mind, every word in the listing presentation can be changed and photo swapped to tailor your value story to the different personalities, needs and desires of your clients. 

Hyperlocal Data

That positions you as the local expert of choice

two pages of the listing presentation on a table - a page that says "what's happening in Barton Hills" with a snapshot of the local stats to the right

With a simple drag and drop, you can populate the pages of your listing presentation with neighborhood-specific data derived from Command. This powerful feature enables you to give your clients the latest market information while positioning yourself as the local expert of choice. 

Furthermore, the KWLS integration allows you to seamlessly plug in details and images of featured listings and comparable properties – saving you time. And, if you have your marketing profile completed in Command, you can skip entering in business basics. 

A Best-in-Class Marketing Strategy

That moves the needle

Before they decide to list with you, clients will want to know how you’ll market their property. No need to pour your time and energy into laying out marketing strategies that move the needle – creators of the listing presentations have done it for you by combing through the most innovative strategies across industries. 

Each presentation includes a comprehensive (and customizable) marketing strategy, complete with a detailed media plan, promotional plan, open house strategy and more. Paired with eye-catching visuals, headlines and powerful copy, this marketing plan is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

a graphic with three pages of the  custom marketing plan on the table.

Plus, Designs gives you access to a vast library of pre-built, customizable templates to help you create expert-level marketing materials (e.g., fliers, brochures, social media graphics) to pair with each marketing plan.  

From customization to robust data and crisp, modern design – KW’s listing presentations carry all the elements to help you earn your clients’ trust. 

Ready to get started? 

Choose your template of choice and get ready to present with pride. 

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