Step Off the Real Estate Roller Coaster, and Into Command

Kimberlee Meserve| October 4, 2019

There is a saying that if you love what you do then you will never work a day in your life.

I fell in love with real estate while buying my first home, and found a calling in constantly searching through house listings to find a hidden gem. That passion persists today … I find immense satisfaction in tirelessly searching for the perfect home for my buyers and seamlessly guiding them through the process of selling; that way they can move on to the next phase in their life. And, recently, with Keller Williams’ technology tools, it has become even easier (and more fun) to be in real estate.

The Hype Is Real

It can be tempting to discount the technology, but I can attest that it is changing the way agents organize and run their businesses. Now that I have everything my database needs in one place with Command, I’m more purposeful about my pipeline and I’m able to be a local expert on the spot. Like that perfect gem of a home you scoured the market for and found for your client, Command is that gem for your business – it’s what us agents have been looking for, for years. 

With Keller Williams’ technology tools, it has become even easier (and more fun) to be in real estate.

I began using Command when it launched last fall. When I first logged in, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the fun features. Then, I got hyper-focused. I told myself, “I am going to get really good at one thing at a time.” So, first things first, I got my contacts in right away, then labeled and organized my database. Next, I focused on using the Opportunities tool and have been delighted in what has followed.

Getting Super Purposeful About My Pipeline

Opportunities helps me plan the business I have coming up and helped me get off the real estate roller coaster. Now, I can –

  • Compare my potential vs. probable GCI for the month and adjust as needed. Being able to see the money that is coming down your pipeline is invaluable.
  • See the probability of a lead as I track it through the pipeline and be able to intervene when needed at critical stages.
  • Manage all aspects of my database in one location.
  • Customize my automated communications while maintaining a personal touch on every one.

Local Expert On the Spot

kimberlee meserve standing up talking on cell phone wearing a black jumpsuit

What I really enjoy is the ability to be a local expert on the spot.

Recently, I was holding a first-time home buyer’s workshop and a potential client asked me about a neighborhood which, though I am familiar with, I don’t work in as often as other neighborhoods. I pulled up Kelle – my AI-powered virtual assistant and was able to show the prospective client the price and inventory she needed to know, right there – on the spot. Not only was this fun to use, it has the potential to be financially rewarding as well. Since this prospect didn’t have to wait for me to get to the office and email her the data, she got what she needed instantly and we scheduled a meeting right there.

Built For Agents, By Agents

My philosophy is simple: clients come first. I believe that if they’re not left with an amazing experience, then I haven’t done my job. As fast as the industry moves, so does KW technology. Seeing how receptive KW has been to the needs of the agents through the Labs process has reinforced to me that the company has the same philosophy: agents come first. With every new update and addition to our technology suites, KW is helping us become even more competitive and protecting our legacies.

Tips to Getting Started with Command:

  1. Contacts first. Begin by uploading your contacts into the system.
  2. Be strategic. Identify your biggest business challenge and pair it with one of Command’s many tech solutions. For example: Business planning was my biggest struggle. I needed to have a holistic view of my business so I could plan my activities around my goals, so I got started with Opportunities first.
  3. Seek support. Keller Williams offers a wealth of training and resources on Not to mention weekly livestreams.
  4. Submit feedback. Command was built by agents, for agents. The tech team is always receptive to feedback! Hop onto  to share thoughts for new functionalities. The support team is also an email away.

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