KW MarketPlace Delivers Choice, Customization, Enhanced Efficiency

October 6, 2019

With the release of Command, a platform for agents to optimize, manage and run their real estate businesses, Keller Williams has redefined the way real estate is done. Now, the company takes another step forward to provide agents a true end-to-end business solution with the launch of the KW MarketPlace. Similar to Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store, the KW MarketPlace allows agents to power up their Command experience with products and services from top-tier tech partners via the Keller Cloud Innovation Program

“These partners allow us to focus on our most important initiative – to build core business systems that create an unfair advantage for our agents,” says Jeff Tamaru, director of corporate development at Keller Williams. “To do this, we cannot spend our time, focus and investment building commodity software. Instead, we have integrated these capabilities into Command to give agents a choice as to which features they’d like to use.”

“These partners allow us to focus on our most important initiative – to build core business systems that create an unfair advantage for our agents,”

Jeff Tamaru

While Command is a complete solution all on its own, offering built-in customization for individuals and teams alike, the KW MarketPlace allows for more choice. It also enhances efficiency by consolidating the tools and ancillary products agents use daily in a single ecosystem.

“By listening to our agents early on, we knew that there would never be one solution that solves for all of their business needs,” says Tamaru. “At the end of the day, we’re trying to provide a best-in-class experience that allows them to get where they need to go; the KW MarketPlace allows us to do that.” 

Current offerings include products and services from Google, Porch and FreshBooks, with many more in the pipeline.

“Without advertising, we’ve already had hundreds of companies express interest in joining, which is exciting,” says Tamaru. “For us, it’s about finding the right companies to help meet our agents’ most pressing business needs and adding strategically so they can run their business without limits.” 

Featured products and services: 

  • Keller Williams Professional Services:  That allow agents to plus their marketing, technology setup, and more by leaning on Keller Williams’ in-house team of professionals.
  • Repair Estimate Report – Porch (Free): The Repair Estimate Report includes a list of cost estimates for deficiencies identified during the inspection. This allows agents to save hours of work during the post-inspection negotiation process and provide their clients with valuable assistance after the transaction. 
  • Market Leader Professional: The newest addition to the KW MarketPlace offers agents a customizable website to supplement their online presence, deep insights on contacts and leads, and robust targeting options to ensure the right marketing activities are being deployed at the right times.
  • First American Title (Free, Coming Soon): Soon, agents will be able to start escrow and track live updates on how their client’s file is progressing via the First American Title integration in Command.
  • Earnnest: A fully digital earnest money payment system.
  • Mastering Command: One of many specialized training programs available to KW agents and the technology available to them.
  • Offrs: A lead generation platform based on artificial intelligence.
  • HomeJab: Turnkey photography, editing, virtual staging, and more.
  • Hurdlr: Seamlessly tracks your business expenses, mileage, deductions, and commissions in real-time, like magic.

For a full list of products and services, visit the KW MarketPlace.

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