Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine

October 22, 2019

Lead generation is the heart and soul of every successful real estate business, and to stay competitive, agents have to move beyond traditional methods. To help take agents’ lead gen to the next level, Keller Williams is introducing agent sites. These sites are not your average one-size-fits-all websites; they’re an exciting new lead generation engine equipped with unique features to help you stand out and convert quickly. 

They are also the latest in a series of savvy tech tools Keller Williams has created for its agents over the last few years. At the core is Command, an end-to-end platform uniting all the tools agents need to run their business and seamlessly serve clients. 

Smart lead gen

Rather than a static, passive tool, KW’s agent sites have been designed to be an active, integral piece of your marketing and lead generation plan. When a client visits your site and enters their information, it will funnel directly into your Contacts – where you will be able to track progress from lead to close and beyond. 

In the near future, Command will log their initial visit, subsequent visits, and all activities performed during their time on your site. This will allow you to swoop in and help clients (present and future) at the right time and with the right information.

Serving up what consumers want, when they want it 

With an abundance of options, today’s real estate consumers crave a personalized experience tailored to their unique desires and preferences. Paired with your exemplary expertise, your site will deliver what clients want – hyperlocal, hyper-relevant information with minimal work required.  

  • The latest info: To start, the new websites are constantly being updated with fresh, hyperlocal data – as frequently as every 15 minutes.
  • Nationwide search: More properties, more choice. With nationwide search, your clients are no longer limited to the physical boundaries of your MLS.
  • Neighborhood search: Clients visiting your website can search by neighborhood and get stats on area businesses and walkability to help them assess the fit of a neighborhood. That’s crucial, as 58% of buyers say neighborhood quality is the top factor in neighborhood choice, according to data from the National Association of Realtors. Buyers can also review public and private schools and get information on student-to-teacher ratios.
  • Commute times: No more manual calculation when it comes to assessing commute times. Your site does all the heavy lifting once your client enters a location.
  • Saved searches: You can set up email notifications from within Command for your clients. Once a house hits the market that meets their criteria, it will be added to an email that will auto-send every seven days. The listings in the email – when clicked – will bring them to your website.
  • Mobile-first: The neighborhood-focused sites have been built to be mobile-first. Meaning, every feature on the desktop version is available on a mobile web browser (of any dimension) for a seamless consumer experience wherever, whenever. 

The benefits don’t stop here. By the end of the quarter, agent sites will offer next-level collaboration between you and your consumer.

Next-level collaboration 

With your KW site, all information will be interconnected, and communicating with clients, easier. You and your clients will rely less on emails, text messages, and other forms of digital communication because collaboration and discussion will be built into the site through:   

  • Collections: Clients will be able to curate their favorite homes and put them into a collection for later view. You will also be able to create collections that clients can like, dislike, or hide – giving them more control and helping them zero in on the right home. 
  • Chat: Clients will be able to ask questions and discuss properties with you or anyone else involved with the purchase using the chat function on your website. What’s more, clients will easily be able to schedule tours with you in a few simple clicks.

Building a KW site is simple, and it sets you up for unprecedented value; both today and tomorrow; as the site’s capabilities continue to evolve. Get started with a more dynamic, consumer-friendly website by moving through the Kelle Guide below. 

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For additional questions, reference the Agent Site FAQs.

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