Keller Williams Creates an Innovation Hub

July 17, 2019

Innovation is the core of entrepreneurship, an instrument that creates consistent value and a tool that allows real estate agents to operate within the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The period marked by rapid technological advancement and artificial intelligence has shifted the way business is being done. 

“Artificial intelligence helps you make smart decisions and gives you [and your clients] a better experience,” explains Gary Keller, CEO, co-founder and chairman of Keller Williams.

“When you think about the digital experiences you have (i.e., Netflix), you’ll notice they shape-shift over time and personalize to your preferences. This is AI in action and AI is fed by data.”

“The businessperson who wins in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is one who has access to the most amount of data, powered by strong AI.”

As the world’s largest company by agent count, Keller Williams has a competitive advantage: the data exhaust its people produce. This advantage has fueled Command – an open and highly customizable platform that allows agents to run their business in different ways.

At every turn, Command offers customization that CRMs cannot with its suite of interconnected technologies. Among many things, agents can:  

To enhance this already powerful technology and further drive value for agents, Keller Williams is collaborating with leading technology companies such as Google, DocuSign, and Nextdoor through the Keller Cloud Innovator Program (KCIP). At its core, KCIP brings the best ideas from the most innovative companies to disrupt and drive real estate forward.

A Customizable Command Experience

The program enables the integration of top tech tools within an agent’s suite of Keller Cloud solutions, making way for further customization. All integrations are accessible through a marketplace for use in Command, allowing agents to work efficiently in a single ecosystem that they own.

The add-ons also allow KW to focus on its most important initiative – to build core business systems that create an unfair advantage for agents versus building generic commodity software. The integrated capabilities allow agents to choose as to which features they’d like to use on a system they own.

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