How KW’s Tech Evolution Has Transformed My Business

Nick Baldwin | September 19, 2019

I have been with Keller Williams for 10 years, and I’ve experienced firsthand the evolution of the company’s technology in real time. Though Keller Williams has always been on the forefront of technology, over the past decade, the commitment to going above and beyond with agent technology tools has been noticeable, especially over the past four years. It’s in these past four that we’ve watched the company transform into an agent-driven real estate tech company. What does this mean for me as an agent? Everything.

One Size Never Fits All – Until Now

One of the most frustrating issues with other database management systems is the bulkiness (and not to mention expense) of needing multiple platforms to run a business. Though the developers of these systems think they know what the user wants, I never found one that could do it all. That is, until Command.  

I began using Command right away, because unlike other technology companies, Keller Williams developed the system in partnership with agents through Labs. By asking us what we wanted and not guessing, they’ve introduced powerful features like Opportunities.  

We’ve watched the company transform into an agent-driven real estate tech company. What does this mean for me as an agent? Everything.

Opportunities is an application within Command that allows me to track the real estate transaction process from beginning to end. Starting with the problem and developing a real solution, Opportunities breaks down transactions into four phases – Appointment, Active, Under Contract, and Closed – each of which can be further broken down into customizable stages. The result is a single system that helps to meet my most-critical needs:

  • From lead to close, I am able to move my transactions seamlessly through my pipeline, where I now see everything in real time.
  • I can manage all offers, documents, and communications with clients in one place.
  • My monthly commissions are viewable all month long. When I see what’s in my pipeline and what I’m earning at the end of the month, it supercharges my motivation and pushes me to strive for more.
  • When everyone on the team is using the same system like Opportunities, everyone is on the same page and knows the stage each deal is in.
  • As a team leader in my market center, Opportunities gives me access to see every agent’s production, activities and actuals to goals. This in-depth view of each agent’s business allows me to coach to strengths and create tailored prescriptions for success.

No Time to Waste Money

The enhanced efficiency I’ve been able to achieve through Command has saved me time as well as money.

Because other database-management software available is very expensive and no single platform does everything, it’s easy to get caught in a web of wasted resources. I was spending way too many hours in the business and not on it. And, with how fast our industry moves, if we want to grow our business, we can’t waste time toggling between mediocre technologies.

With Command, I’m able to work in one system (at no additional cost) and invest the money I would be spending on disparate technology back into my business and team.

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