It’s a Profitable Day in the Neighborhood

Brandy Coffey| September 12, 2019

Ever since day one as a real estate agent, I have upheld the belief that the most successful people possess these four basic tenets of service – knowledge, honesty, loyalty, and trust. Every member of my team and I operate by these principles daily, and we believe it’s one of the main driving forces that has landed us in the 1% for overall sales volume in our markets, Sarasota and Manatee Counties, year after year. Yet, we still face the same issues most agents face: cluttered databases, high overhead cost, and the constant race to gain market share.

So, when Keller Williams released Command, I saw a single solution to these numerous challenges and jumped in immediately. I’ve been utilizing the system since its release in February, and I can confidently say it has helped me serve more people with less stress. 

brandy coffey sitting at kitchen table on laptop and phone

From Clutter to Command

As my team celebrated increased success year after year and our database grew to 10,000 mets, we saw an increased need for more organized, streamlined database management. Sure, it’s great growing your database, but if you can’t manage it, then it becomes a collection of missed opportunities.  

Command has helped meet the need for a streamlined database through: 

  • Contacts – A function that allows me to organize my database into segments through customized tags and add an infinite amount of detail.
  • SmartPlans – A workflow management tool that ensures my contacts receive consistent touches from me and my team.
  • Neighborhood Landing Pages – A feature that gives my contacts access to the latest market data on neighborhoods they care about through personalized landing pages. When a client views/interacts with the page, Command updates their contact record in real time.

All of these functions combined help me connect with my database on a higher level while working in one system. 

Keeping an Eye on Neighborhoods

Neighborhood landing pages are my favorite feature of Command. They help me and my team stand out as hyperlocal experts that can offer more value to our clients than our competitors. My clients can add their current neighborhood to keep watch along with multiple others they are considering. Real-time data is knowledge, and knowledge is empowering.

Purchasing a home is the single largest purchase most people will ever make in their lifetime and it’s no place for buyer’s remorse. Having all the information upfront puts joy and confidence in the transaction. It’s amazing to see how Command helps me keep my clients informed in ways that were previously not possible. Thanks to the precise assistance of Neighborhoods. I am able to provide my clients with data they care about and can interact with. 

Increased Net Profit, Lower Costs

With prices for everything on the rise, it’s nice to have a solution that is actually saving me money. By utilizing Command and consolidating our database and marketing platforms into one, we can eliminate other database management expenses and increase our net profit. By using Command, I have been able to save thousands of dollars on tech costs and reinvest them back into my business.

It’s amazing to see how Command helps me keep my clients informed in ways that were previously not possible.

Further, Command is making life easier with a single sign-on. As part of the Labs process, agents are the intelligence behind Command. Designed by agents, it is exactly what we want and need. And, as new features are released, my team and I will be first to jump onboard because our business potential knows no limitations.

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