Three Action Items to Build + Refresh Your Marketing Toolkit in Designs

February 4, 2022

Picture this: You’re working on selling a $1M property in a remote area near your town and want to get leads as soon as possible. So you strategize. You look at your referral patterns with the help of Command and get a better understanding of where your clients are moving from. You take a few minutes to create statement social media posts, optimizing for each platform. You create Facebook ads, showcasing a couple of ‘wow’ factor photos, and target the ads based on the referral patterns you discovered in Command. Then, you have yourself a winner.

This situation is not purely hypothetical. It happened to an agent working closely with Jessica Borden, a Keller Williams market center tech trainer and director of technology in the Chattanooga area. Borden works with about 800 agents, but this story in particular stands out because of the ease with which the agent was able to leverage KW technology to yield incredible results. “It was incredible. It only took about 20 minutes to build out the ad in Designs and get it deployed. She invested about $30 and received 42 leads.” 

Combining Command’s powerful features, you can transform your lead generation and marketing. If you are ready to scale your business, KWU’s enablement marketing workshops can help. 

Command Your Marketing

A Holistic Look

As you come up with a marketing plan, Borden shares, there is one conversation that precedes action. “It all starts with a goal conversation. If I don’t understand where an agent wants to go and what their business and income needs look like, I’m not going to be able to get them on the path that makes the most sense for them. From that, we can build a plan together.” 

While Borden’s daily work involves all facets of Keller Williams technology, Designs plays an important role in elevating an agent’s business. “It offers so much variety, and gives the cohesive brand element that makes it easy even for new agents to brand themselves. It gives you the option to match the Keller Williams brand, but also allows you to build your own. I love the premade elements that are there to guide you in the right direction.” 

Three Action Items to Get Started 

  1. Explore the interface. 

Designs is available for free within Command to Keller Williams agents looking to enhance their marketing assets. No matter your strategy, take some time to explore the offerings, which include print assets and social media assets, in addition to a selection of beautiful holiday graphics. “The fact that we have integrated print designs for things like postcards and fliers, to where agents can create social media assets, postcards, and fliers, all with a very cohesive look, I think is a really important element,” shares Borden. If you are an agent in need of extra help getting started, click here

  1. Customize your asset library. 

Having your assets and branding handy makes all the difference in how smoothly your process runs. In Designs, you are able to keep assets such as your brand color palette, fonts, logos, images, videos, files, and other elements handy for quick access once it’s go time. Take a second to upload them within the program. If you need guidance on doing so, click here.

  1. Check out the animations feature.  

The animations panel enables you to add animations to your social assets and is available when creating or editing a social media marketing campaign. You have the power to animate the entire design or a specific element within the design. To learn more about this feature and spice up your social media feeds, click here. Then, leverage one of Outfront’s monthly social media content calendars for social posts that will help you make the most of this fun feature. 

Looking to Become More Tech-Literate

Explore the resources made available by KWU’s Enablement Team, here

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