The Anderson Hicks Group Reveals Their $2.36 Per Lead Strategy Made Possible Through Command

Ada Ciuca| October 30, 2020

There’s no denying that your database is your business, and the quest to supply it with quality leads through marketing efforts requires expertise, tools, and strategy; especially if you’d like to get top-notch leads for your financial investment. At Keller Williams, we’ve made each facet of lead generation easy, attainable, and affordable through Command and a powerful partnership with Facebook – one that gives agents the ability to run high-impact ad campaigns at an average cost of $1.87 per lead.

The 49-person Anderson Hicks Group – a merger between the two largest teams in Eastern Idaho led by Shawn Anderson and Mike Hicks – is reaping the benefits of Keller Williams’ tech focus. Between the main hub and its two expansion locations, the team is on track to close 600 units and reach nearly $5 million in GCI for 2020. They credit their success to fine-tuned models and systems, a dedicated administrative staff, and Command. 

Below, they offer details about their lead gen strategy and how they’ve leveraged Facebook advertising through the Campaigns applet to create a well-oiled lead generation machine. 

A Two-Pronged Approach

In a competitive market with low inventory (only 68 homes available in the major county they service), lead generation for listings is heated. The team started running ads toward the end of last year through Command, and to this day has generated nearly 758,000 impressions and 2,509 leads with a total spend of $5,910 and a GCI yield of $87,181. Since switching to Command, Anderson Hicks COO Stephanie Brackett shares, their average cost-per-lead reached $2.36, generating the highest ROI the team has seen. Each listing has the same formula: $30 spend for the ad, with a runtime of seven days. In addition to Command, the team also posts listings directly to their page. “However,” Brackett says, “those ads get about 1% of the reach the Command paid ads get.”

“Once we decided to leverage the power of KW, we hooked up our Facebook to Command. When launching a new listing, we made it a part of our process to immediately post it in Command,” Brackett explains. “Between posting listings directly on Facebook to our page and posting through Command, we’ve noticed significantly more leads.” 

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The team’s lead capture approach is two-pronged. Once a potential lead clicks on a Facebook ad, they fill out a simple form through Command: name, email address, and phone number. After clicking the ‘Learn More’ button on the ad itself, the page redirects to an additional CRM site, where buyers input the same information and are able to search all homes. “About 50% of the leads will double opt in. The other 50% we manually add to the CRM,” Brackett says. Because of an inventory shortage in their county, buyers are highly motivated and not likely to drop out along the process. “When new listings pop up in their price range, they have to know more because they don’t want to miss out,” Brackett says. Within a few minutes of the lead dropping into the CRM, Brackett shares, one of six team ISAs will hop on the phone to nurture the lead. 

Between the ISAs, no lead is left behind. After following up with the leads coming through their CRM, they check Command and reach out to leads who filled out the form but did not proceed to the second CRM registration. Once the team fully moves into Command, this two-tier process will be streamlined into one. While after-hours or weekend leads go through an on-call agent, at the beginning of each week, ISAs regroup and nurture those leads as well. Each of these leads is put on a 10-day touch campaign with multiple touchpoints (calls, text, and email) which ensures a higher chance of reaching the lead. When leads are ready to be passed on to agents, the ISAs employ a lead rotation spreadsheet, keeping a balanced workload among the team’s agents. 

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Winning Hearts and Minds

By providing a low cost-per-lead, Command has allowed the Anderson Hicks Group to allocate more funds into winning hearts and minds through a stellar brand recognition strategy which includes: 

  • Wrapped cars driving around town (agents get paid a portion of the advertising budget for wrapping their car)
  • Two trailers
  • The hire of a marketing company that runs Google ads and creates Facebook videos for the team

“We’re able to spend a lot more money on brand recognition because Command is so affordable,” Brackett shares. In the near future, Brackett looks forward to its full implementation.“ Especially with the recent launch of Command for teams.

“The technology at Keller Williams has come very far. I’m a systems person, and there’s never been ONE system that can do everything for everyone. As Command continues to optimize for teams, it will be the end-all-be-all and change the face of how we do lead generation transaction management.” 

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