Outfront KW

Tampa, FL

Christina Griffin

Christina Griffin has gone through significant hardship in her life, having lost her mother, father and sister before she was 30 years old. And, a few years ago, Griffin was diagnosed with the same cancer that killed her mom. But she says the past has made her stronger and that failure is not an option. As such, she became a top agent at Coldwell Banker, closing 2017 with $100 million.

But something wasn’t fitting right. Griffin’s recently created team wasn’t running perfectly, and she wanted to build something that would last beyond her lifetime. So, after attending a Keller Williams event and realizing that she was “doing everything the hard way,” she left Coldwell Banker in January 2018.

Griffin couldn’t be happier with her decision to join KW. She says her team is now in “an environment we can thrive in without constraints.” She has encountered a powerful combination of mindset, culture, and training, where other highly successful agents and leaders provide guidance and an established educational system is available to help her team constantly improve. And she is also expanding her knowledge as a member of Gary Keller’s Top Agents Mastermind group.

With the time to focus on growing business, Griffin has since doubled her team to 70-plus agents who are located in several mid-Florida offices. This is a stark contrast to her previous brokerage, where expanding into one other area took nearly six months, she says. “I love it because there is a plan for everything with KW,” Griffin says. “I really wanted to have a place where I can build a legacy for my family and a platform that I can really grow with my team. I’m just blessed to be here.”