John Foster

| February 14, 2019

John Foster

In real estate, those agents that are able to achieve the greatest levels of success are often students of others in the industry – learning from their triumphs and challenges. In other words, agents that excel are learning based.

One such agent is John Foster of Suwanee, Georgia who joined Keller Williams South Forsyth after being with RE/MAX for nearly 15 years. While working with RE/MAX was a great experience for him, he found he could not progress beyond 32 to 40 transactions a year. Simply put, he was hitting a ceiling. Foster recognized something needed to change, so he put his learning-based mindset to use and did a little research.

“I really wanted more leverage, and so I looked at buying a RE/MAX franchise,” he explained. “I went and I talked to three other RE/MAX brokers and one of the questions I asked them was, ‘What brokerage is the most difficult for you to compete with?’” Their answer was unanimous: Keller Williams.

“As I looked around, the people who had the best teams were KW agents.”

Foster then discovered why that was the case. After seeking out interviews with Keller Williams associates – at first to gain an understanding of how he could best compete against them – he saw a pattern. Keller Williams offices were home to the best teams and Foster understood that for him to continue to pursue a bigger business and breakthrough his ceiling, it needed to become his home as well.

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