Kristi Newcomb

February 14, 2019

Kristi Newcomb

Clients choose to work with agents not because of the brokerage that they align themselves with but because of their skills, service and expertise. Yet, working with the right real estate company often supports your skills, service and expertise and better equips you to serve clients at the highest level. That is what Kristi Newcomb of Spring, Texas discovered after joining forces with Keller Williams.

Newcomb Drawn to Limitless Opportunity

“At my last brokerage, I felt like we hit a glass ceiling and we weren’t able to grow our team to the next level,” she explains. So, Newcomb began to look around at other companies that might better align with her needs and values.

“Our values line up with this company. The culture is amazing, and this family has been amazing.”

An Unforgettable Experience

Newcomb’s curiosity was piqued by the technology and innovation coming out of Keller Williams. So, she decided to attend the Keller Williams Luxury International Retreat. It was there that she met Veronica Barefield of Keller Williams Realty Professionals in Spring, Texas and the experience was unforgettable. “Being able to be a part of the culture there and seeing the technology definitely made my decision to move forward and learn more about KW,” Newcomb explains.

And what she learned about, she liked. From profit share to expansion to culture, Keller Williams checked all the boxes for Newcomb. “Our values line up with this company. God first, family, then business. The culture is amazing, and this family has been amazing.”

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