Cardas Mugridge Group

Ada Ciuca| July 14, 2020

Cardas Mugridge Group

Bordered by a river and a group of mountain summits in British Columbia, Maple Ridge marks the outermost northeastern section (and most affordable area) of Greater Vancouver. In this community, Kris Mugridge and Mark Cardas of the Cardas Mugridge Group have spent 16 years building relationships by coaching minor league hockey, donating to the Children’s Hospital, and establishing trust among their clients by treating them like family. Joined by a buyer’s agent and one assistant, the duo is thrilled to align with Keller Williams, a brokerage they consider to be reflective of their own values.

“Kris and I are both family-oriented men, so this is important to us,” shares Cardas. “We like the office atmosphere to be similar, and don’t want to be just a number or part of a machine. Keller Williams feels like a family.” Mugridge agrees, attributing this realization to coming in contact with other Keller Williams agents within their area. In a small market such as the team’s, Mugridge shares, they have closed deals and built friendships with a plethora of KW agents; the experience has always been positive. 

For the duo, the Keller Williams culture fits like a glove. The vision for their office is one of collaboration, where the doors stay open, smiles and laughter are common occurrences, and clients are able to feed off the team’s positive energy. 

In building their reputation as earnest real estate professionals, Cardas and Mugridge make it a point to prioritize mentorship. At their previous brokerage, the duo instituted an open door policy to offer support and guidance to anyone seeking it. As a result, members beyond their immediate team would stop by asking for advice. 

Similarly, Cardas and Mugridge strive to mirror the same care, guidance, and candor to their clients. “When working with clients, we really want to think about what is going to happen to the family who moves into the house, so we take care to make sure that the decision they make is the best decision for them,” says Mugridge. “I’m a big believer in karma and doing the right thing.” 

Although their reputation has drawn the interest of many agents eager to join the team, Cardas and Mugridge are thrilled with their current makeup. “We have a great thing going. Sometimes, bigger isn’t better. You have to have the right mix, and right now we have the right mix and the right brand.”

“Our gut feeling from day one was Keller Williams. We could tell right away that it was going to be a perfect fit,” Cardas adds. “The energy that we are feeling from Keller Williams even now, in the middle of this pandemic, has been great. That’s what we’re looking for.”

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