Mark Wiley

Lindsay Stafford Mader| June 13, 2019

Mark Wiley

With five years in the industry, Mark Wiley is already in the top 1 percent of full-time Realtors in the Las Vegas Valley, an accomplishment he credits to providing exceptional customer service. And, with Wiley’s move to Keller Williams, he expects his clients’ experience will be taken to new heights while he continues to ramp up production.

“The team structure that Keller Williams offers will allow me to focus more on communication with my clients,” he says, “and spend less time on the back-end administrative tasks that typically eat up a lot of time.”

Wiley put a lot of thought and research into his move from a local luxury brokerage. As he approached the deadline of his five-year plan to transition from agent to business owner, he began interviewing companies that could provide the structure for doubling his already-impressive production, while maintaining his clients as the backbone of his business.

“Keller was the only brokerage that actually had, on paper, a plan in which they can help me implement that,” Wiley says. “And it was tried, tested, proven – and the numbers reflected it.”

Having previously been a marketing consultant for world-renowned real estate coach Mike Ferry, Wiley encountered agents who were struggling, and also learned strategies for success. Starting out, Mark knew he had to provide white-glove customer service, be available to clients, and excel at organizing and responding to leads. Wiley explains that KW’s revolutionary tech platform will allow him to easily manage all his processes, from lead management to marketing support for listings.

“All of those pieces,” he says, “are going to help me provide a superior level of service for my clients in any type of market.”

As if the systems for growth and tech platforms weren’t enough to motivate Wiley, once he learned about KW’s commitment to improving local communities through programs such as RED Day and KW Cares, the decision to move his team was easy. Known for his leadership on various nonprofit boards over the last decade, Wiley admits giving back to his community has helped shape him both personally and professionally.

“Reinvesting in our community is a way of life for me,” Wiley states. “I immediately felt like the local KW team understood my commitment to serving our community through volunteerism, and I look forward to doing my part to contribute to the KW culture of caring.”

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