The Josh Vernon Group

Lindsay Stafford Mader| June 14, 2019

The Josh Vernon Group

Josh Vernon and Jamey Reynolds met at an open house years ago and it didn’t take long for them to realize their mutual interest in business and start building a successful real estate firm near Birmingham, Alabama. In 2018, just four years after they created the Josh Vernon Group, it had an impressive 362 closings and more than $74 million in sales.

But after three years at BRIK Realty, Vernon and Reynolds felt like they couldn’t advance beyond what they had already achieved. So on April 1, 2019, they moved to the Keller Williams Vestavia Office.

“We felt that the change would give us the momentum to propel us to the next level as a team.”

“We are excited about the leadership that [team leader] Jennifer Toomer brings and working with her to develop systems and further grow our team with the goal of being No. 1 in our market,” Vernon says.

Reynolds is excited about the Keller Williams resources that will help the business run even more smoothly. With a team of seven, the Josh Vernon Group uses a specialty model where agents focus only on buyers or only on sellers and a topnotch administrative staff oversees transactions and thoroughly communicates with clients. “Our clients will benefit from this move because they will have direct access to exciting new technology through better search features and apps,” Reynolds says. “They will also benefit from better systems and processes so that our administrative and sales teams will be able to serve more clients at a higher level of expertise.”

And Vernon and Reynolds are already loving the Keller Williams energy that will enable team members to develop and reach their goals all while helping clients find their dream homes. “It is inspiring to be surrounded by high-achieving professionals with big goals,” Reynolds says. “Iron sharpens iron!”

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