The Mark Oatman Team

Lindsay Stafford Mader| June 14, 2019

The Mark Oatman Team

Mark Oatman didn’t build the No. 1 team in Lubbock, Texas, by ignoring technology and social media, his self-described shortcomings. He simply knew that his hard work, obsessive customer service, and laser focus should be paired with top-notch team members who excel at these modern business tools. So why should a brokerage be any different? In 2018, after almost a decade at RE/MAX, Oatman’s production was $35 million – but slowing. He knew he wanted to join a company that was unsatisfied being “stuck in the past” and instead aimed to be on the cutting edge.

“At Keller Williams, I saw there’s a lot of time spent talking about what’s next, how we can be ahead of the game. And I wanted to get somewhere where the culture was aggressive and forward-thinking.”

Oatman feels he has found a home that mirrors his enthusiasm and vision and is impressed by the company’s tech. The branding innovations matched with training and support have also helped sustainably rebuild his team while giving him more time. And they’re now surrounded by an encouraging and proactive atmosphere for making calls and generating leads. “I’ve done an excellent job with the structure they’ve shared with us to help us mold our team,” he says. “We’re going to be much more efficient and provide a higher level of customer service.”

Most importantly, Oatman is happy that his team will have more opportunities, which has become his priority after realizing that success isn’t the key to happiness. “I’ve been very fortunate in the past several years to make a nice living,” he explains. “My primary objective isn’t to continue to make lots of money. You have a responsibility to send the elevator back down and help someone get to the top.”

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