Mark Siwiec

Celesta Brown | August 6, 2019

Mark Siwiec

As the top agent in Rochester, New York, Mark Siwiec was deeply interested in the intersection of customer service and technology and had been researching and writing about it for a couple of years. He was concerned. Like travel agents and stockbrokers whose jobs were being replaced by technology, the future for real estate agents looked bleak. At the same time, he and his team of 10 were conducting $63 million in annual sales, and were looking for ways to break through a plateau and advance to their next goal of $100 million.

When he heard Gary Keller cast his vision for the future of real estate and his mission to tool agents with best-in-class technology, Siwiec had to get on board. Keller Williams’ passion to develop a tech-enabled, consumer-friendly platform, and the company’s industry-changing releases of real estate-specific AI (Kelle), smart cloud (Keller Cloud), and an interconnected technology suite (Command) sealed the deal.

In the first week after arriving at Keller Williams Realty Greater Rochester in late April 2019, Siwiec and his team were fast at work on 16 new contracts. About the move, Mark says, “It was time for us to start anew. We’re looking forward to navigating the ever-evolving world of real estate where technological innovation is coupled with great customer service.”

“We believe that the combination of Keller Williams’ cutting-edge technology and our expertise will catapult us into the next chapter of whatever it is that the real estate industry is becoming.”

Having enjoyed an inviting culture some years back in his career, Siwiec was easily drawn to Keller Williams’ revered culture and belief system and the predetermined way associates treat one another.

“The culture here is unlike anywhere I’ve experienced in 29 years in the business. People are willing to share their success strategies and I am happy to share mine.”

“I never knew other agents who did that until I came to Keller Williams a couple of months ago. It’s so refreshing. There’s warmth, kindness, and a strong commitment to sharing. I love the culture of abundance, too. It’s very much who I am!”

The future is bright for Siwiec and his high-performing team. “Using the tools that KW has given me, engaging my intellect and thinking about business in a new way, I feel very energized because I finally feel as though I’m being challenged once again.”

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