Mariana Saldaña

Celesta Brown | August 6, 2019

Mariana Saldaña

Mariana Saldaña has been a top producer in Houston’s luxury market for two decades and has run a successful international brokerage for her entire real estate career. So why at the age of 68 did Saldaña want to move to a new company? In a nutshell, she wanted to downsize and embrace Keller Williams’ models and training to mold her team.

“I care about my agents,” she says. “I’ve had people with me for 15, 17 years, and I want to help them. And, I’m excited that we’re going to take technology.”

As her team becomes more efficient and profitable under the Keller Williams structure, Saldaña says she will be able to put in fewer hours. And, she points out, moving out of her longtime financial center office and into a nice space at her new KW office has saved on expenses.

One of the most important reasons behind her move, Saldaña will be accessing Keller Williams’ robust international network. Because 75 percent of her business is international – she’s long been hosting investment seminars in Mexico, Asia, and South America – this will be a big opportunity. “I’m going personally to meet people at the KW offices in Mexico,” she says, adding, “I have the opportunity to offer them more than others.”

By teaching her agents how to produce even more, while maintaining her own lead-sharing split and joining Keller Williams’ profit sharing program, Saldaña says she’ll be able to reach her personal goal to bring in income once she has stopped actively working – sometime down the line.

“We’re a special company,” she says. “The switch to Keller Williams will help my agents grow and be more profitable as I slow down.”


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