Norberto Lopez Team

October 1, 2019

Norberto Lopez Team

After 28 years in the real estate business with RE/MAX, Norberto Lopez wanted to ramp up his $14 million business, so he turned to Keller Williams.

“My goal was to move to the next level,” Norberto says.

Lopez, who’s in the Houston area, first started considering making the move to Keller Williams due to a regular, weekly phone call he had with fellow real estate agent colleagues. Lopez participated in a group of agents that would practice scripts together over the phone every morning.

“I realized that all the Keller Williams agents were very sharp, very well trained,” Norberto says. “So, I started digging into Keller Williams.”

Taking his business to the next level

If Lopez had any doubts about a potential move over to Keller Williams, they were soon quashed when he met Al Rincon, team leader of KW Signature in Katy, Texas. Rincon leads a team of more than 200 associates and serves as a valuable mentor to many agents.

“I knew I wanted to go to the next level in my business, and I didn’t know how to,” Norberto says. “Al said he’d show me the way to do it. That was the final decision for me to move.”

Rincon says that The Norberto Lopez Team will help to enhance Keller Williams’ culture. “They bring experience, they match our culture precisely,” he says. They’re “wonderful people, and they just want to do well and help other people grow.”

Top-notch technology, training and support

al rincon holds a cell phone with kw technology pulled up on it

Upon joining Keller Williams, Lopez says that his team has found support at the company like never before. “I found people that care about me, and they make you feel like you’re part of a family,” he says. “All those things were missing at RE/MAX.”

Lopez has been impressed with Keller Williams’ training, with its technology and with the way the company supports its agents. He says his move to Keller Williams is the most exciting time that he’s had in all of 28 years of working in the real estate business.

“It’s because I’ve found what was missing,” Lopez says. “My only regret was not to have made the move sooner.”

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