Robert Meche

Celesta Brown| August 21, 2019

Robert Meche

When Robert Meche, founder and owner of Small World Realty, made the decision to partner with Keller Williams and bring his more than 175 loyal associates with him, he didn’t think of it as a choice. His hardworking team had racked up $94 million in sales with 303 units. Things were going very well, and Meche was intent on giving them everything they needed to stay competitive. That’s what led him to make the move to Keller Williams, or, more accurately, the move back.

Twenty years ago, he started his real estate career with Keller Williams in Flower Mound, Texas, under the leadership of Holly Perry. He learned and loved the business, stayed several years, and enjoyed the experience, but started itching to do his own thing. Small World Realty was born with Meche and two other agents … now, it’s a force with nearly 200 agents serving the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin areas. As a champion barbecue pit-master, he’s known as “The Smoker Broker” and uses the moniker to extend his influence nationally on his weekly radio show to discuss all things residential real estate.

Small World Realty is unique because it caters especially to part-time agents who have full-time careers, stay-at-home responsibilities, or other part-time jobs. Meche himself conducts the bulk of the training and runs the company like a family, not a corporation. He’s so proud of his team and what they’ve built together, which is why he’s making the move that poises them to go even further.

“For the past 15 years, I’ve been fighting mega-million-dollar giants with one hand behind my back. I came to the conclusion that we need more in order to compete, so I decided to find a business partner who could help me fight; a company who still allows me to run my own firm while having my back when competing with others – (aka) Keller Williams,” says Meche.

“My hands are untied and there is absolutely nothing I cannot offer to new agents. The playing field has been leveled and I have every intention of taking our group to the top of the entire industry.”

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