Hank Troscianiec

Celesta Brown| August 20, 2019

Hank Troscianiec

Top agents don’t often change companies. So when Hank Troscianiec made the move to Keller Williams, it raised eyebrows. Troscianiec and Associates have been the #1 selling real estate team in Brunswick County, North Carolina, for six consecutive years. 

At one of the largest traditional brokerages in the country, Troscianiec and his colleagues built a $50 million-per-year empire, but he felt he was plateauing. The traditional “no revenue cap” model prevented him from investing back in his business to make it grow. At the same time, he was hunting for models, systems, tools, and coaching to take his team to the next level. 

Troscianiec explored various franchise opportunities and gave strong consideration to going independent. Keller Williams had a relatively small presence in his market, but he was attracted to its strong culture of learning, training, and profitability.

“When I looked into Keller Williams, I realized how much I don’t know,” Troscianiec reflects. He began a heartfelt exchange with KW Wilmington Operating Principal Ladd Gasparovic about launching Keller Williams in the Southport/Oak Island market. The two had a mutually awesome vision to become the company of choice in that marketplace with a singular goal to help agents take their businesses to the top, and in March 2019, they joined forces to launch a new Keller Williams.

After Troscianiec & Associates came on board, the President of the Brunswick County Association of Realtors Lynn Gulledge followed suit and brought in her independent office, SOHO Islands Real Estate. Gulledge and SOHO now operate under the KW umbrella and have graciously welcomed KW Oak Island/Southport agents into what used to be the SOHO office.

Group photo of Hank Troscianiec team

Troscianiec is excited about the future. “I want to create an environment where our team members make more money, have more support, and can live better lives; Keller Williams provides the culture, systems, and training to help us get further, faster.” Now the vision has expanded. After being exposed to KW’s training, systems, and models, he wants other agents in the marketplace to have the same resources.

Keller Williams provides the culture, systems, and training to help us get further, faster.

“My team was definitely the reason for me making the move, but now I’m also excited to create a place to mastermind, share, and help other agents and teams. We’re going to change the way real estate is done in this market, and serve agents at a higher level, which ultimately helps us serve our clients even better.”

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