Land Build Live Team

Dorothy de Souza Guedes | August 6, 2019

Land Build Live Team

Melissa Larson and Fred Reitzel have carved a niche in the real estate market by bringing landowners, builders, and homebuyers/sellers together with their unique business model:

The team finds lots for clients, coordinates building from the ground up and guides buyers/sellers through the transaction with their intimate knowledge of the real estate process.

This creative model led them to close 54 units for an impressive $67.8 million in volume by the end of 2018. At Keller Williams, they look forward to sharing their expertise with their peers in Northern Virginia and beyond.

“The average real estate agent may do three or four brand new, “build from the ground up”, home transactions in their career. They don’t have time to figure out what we have. We look forward to being the go-to group for other agents interested in exploring this approach,” Reitzel says.

And what will the team gain? They can market their unique services within Keller Williams’ extensive network.

“For every real estate agent, we’re touching 3,000 to 4,000 people in their database,” shares Reitzel.

The team moved to Keller Williams shortly after hearing Gary Keller speak at Family Reunion – the company’s largest training event. Larson had always been intrigued by the company but admits she wasn’t sure she was a good fit. Then she heard Keller offer insights on the future of real estate – and was impressed by his candor.

“Gary was on target with my belief of where the real estate market is heading and how to secure our profession,” recalls Larson. “He held nothing back and I appreciated his honesty. A leader leads, not based on what people want to hear, but what they need to hear. Hearing him speak removed all doubts.”

Seeing the company’s strong vision paired with the success of other teams in the area, led them to finalize the move. At Keller Williams, they know their business will expand to new levels.

“My brain cannot comprehend the opportunities here,” Larson says. “I’m confident we’re going to get to the wealth we want with this company. I’m re-energized after nearly three decades as a real estate agent.”

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