Greg Wells

By Dorothy de Souza Guedes| April 4, 2018

Greg Wells

After more than 20 years in real estate, Greg Wells was on the fence about whether he wanted to grow his team or be content with his business as it was. That changed after moving from RE/MAX to Keller Williams during the first quarter of 2017.

“The culture and mindset of helping agents and team leaders like myself grow their businesses was unlike any I’d ever seen.”

By mid-November, he added another agent and a transaction coordinator to his team. His 12-month numbers amounted to a total closed volume of $45.9 million and 72 units. It’s not that Wells hadn’t been successful during his 12 years with RE/MAX: in 2013 his team was recognized as one of the company’s Top 100 teams in the world. He continued to excel in the Northern Virginia market. But the Keller Williams agents Wells interacted with were consistent in what they said their company had to offer him and his team.

What impresses him most about Keller Williams is the support provided by market center leadership and the company overall, from trainings to seminars to events.

“My experience with RE/MAX was that they just kind of let you do your own thing unless you reached out for help. Whereas here, people are much more proactive in coming to you and saying, ‘How can I help you with your business?’”

The total package that exists at Keller Williams is unmatched in the industry, whether someone is new to real estate, a seasoned agent like himself, or somewhere in between. “There are business
tools (and) training to get you to the next level,” Wells says.

“The sky’s the limit for anybody in this company.”

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