Ashlee Prudhel

By Dorothy de Souza Guedes|

| April 4, 2018

Ashlee Prudhel

Ashlee Prudhel didn’t want to switch brokerages for the third time in her three-year real estate career, but she knew she had to if she wanted to find the balance she had been seeking. As a single mother and mega agent, spending quality time with her 9-year-old daughter was proving to be difficult at RE/MAX. “They encouraged me to make more sales, but never provided systems on how to leverage, so I was running around spinning my wheels all the time.” She also knew that moving to Keller Williams would be necessary if she wanted to grow. After Team Leader Michele Zaragoza invited her to an event, she decided her new professional home would be KW.

“Because of the systems and leverage I have in place, I can be more present with my daughter and that’s huge.”

Whereas she previously had been one of the top agents, at Keller Williams she’s surrounded by others she can look up to. “I look forward to what’s next with Keller Williams because I know there’s no ceiling for your business. That’s exciting to me.”

Her previous brokerage had suggested Prudhel hire an assistant, but didn’t teach her how to do that or build a team.

“At times I would be in tears because I was so overwhelmed. I would go to my broker for help, only to be reassured that I would be fine on my own.”

She believed that if she hired a team, she’d net less.

“Keller Williams taught me that’s a limiting belief,” Prudhel says.

By providing training – the classes blew her mind – and a template that she could follow to build her team, she’s hired two full-time admins and two buyer’s agents. At the age of 28, her 2017 sales were $24 million and she closed on 80 units.

Prudhel sums up her favorite thing about Keller Williams in one word: balance. Keller Williams has taught her to create business hours and plug tasks into her schedule, carving out time to focus
on priorities. “(To) get more purposeful with my time,” she says.

An assistant now takes care of the details of her business that Prudhel had thought she needed to do herself. This has freed up her day to spend more time where it counts.

“Because of the systems and leverage I have in place, I can pick up my daughter from school every day and take vacations,” she says. “I can be more present with my daughter and that’s huge.
(I’m) not glued to my phone all the time.”

Prudhel’s hard work is evident. In 2017, she ranked number one in her market center.

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