Jorge Mier

Lindsay Mader| November 4, 2017

Jorge Mier

Jorge Mier is no stranger to personal growth. The Zacatecas, Mexico, native has built a successful real estate business in the Denver Southeast market center, while making time to travel the world and cycle thousands of miles each year. So it was a natural extension of Mier’s spirit when he wanted to take his real estate team to new heights. In April 2017, after more than 12 years with RE/ MAX, Mier joined Keller Williams with a 2016 12-month closed volume of $20.8 million and 85 units.

Mier was ready for the move when he realized he wanted a brokerage that encouraged continuous improvement instead of satisfaction with the status quo. Among many things, it was KW’s determination to bring agents truly innovative technology that swayed him.

“The kind of money Keller Williams is going to spend on technology, what they are going to have is something I’ve always dreamed of.”

Mier’s biggest concern was that his Latino clientele identified with the RE/ MAX brand, but he quickly found they were more interested in his own beliefs and values. Since taking the leap, Mier says he’s been amazed at how determined agents have been to help him succeed.

“I had never had that before,” he says. “Most of the companies out there want to keep it secret. It opened my eyes to the things that I can do.

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